Maren Morris – Humble Quest

Maren Morris - Humble Quest



3.4/5 Pros

  • Some good love songs
  • Wide range of tracks Cons

  • Few really good songs
  • Feels very stereotypic

After Maren Morris’ last album GIRL, I was really curious in which direction her music will develop to. Humble Quest might be the key to answer that question. Maren’s new album has become available in stores on 25th March 2022.


Maren Morris – About The Artist

I gave some bio info about Maren Morris in the review of her 2019 studio album, GIRL. The biggest success, internationally, is still her song The Bones.


Maren Morris – Humble Quest – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Circles Around This Town

The opener Circles Around This Town has been the leading single, at least in regards of popularity. A rather traditional countrypop mix by Maren Morris – and, undoubtedly, a good listen.

2. The Furthest Thing

You’re the furthest thing
But damn, do we still fit so perfectly

Maren Morris wrote that song with – and about – her husband Ryan Hurd. A slow track, definitely more pop and R&B than country music. Even though the song has a nice special melody, it just does not touch me.

3. I Can’t Love You Anymore

The album feels a bit going forth and back to me, lacking orientation and a target. The third song is a straight country song, even coming in a rather traditional style. I can’t love you anymore than I do now are the full first two lines of the chorus, by the way – just in case you felt this album might contain breakup lyrics.

4. Humble Quest

As Humble Quest has been a single release already, you likely know the title track of the album. Another song, which is rather facing in the ballad direction, even though it comes with a stomping rhythm in the background.

5. Background Music

The title track opened a section of three songs which are already known to Maren Morris fans. The topic is – of course – love and the song is soft, gentle, kitschy. I am sure that you may have some decent use for the song if you need the perfect Background Music for a romantic evening.


6. Nervous

The country rocker Nervous is my favorite track of the album. I don’t like the stereotype of stories told in Humble Quest in general, but the song is best in making you feel that magical Maren Morris energy I loved in her first releases.

7. Tall Guys

The nice groove and the slightly irony in the lyrics turns Tall Guys into a nice musical reference to Maren Morris early works. This makes me listen the song with a rather bright smile.

8. Detour

Detour is creating a nice aura with a song which is somewhere in the Americana and pop spheres. Nonetheless, the song is not really showing its full potential.

9. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a song for Maren Morris’ son. Indeed, the track is coming with a certain ease, but also feels a bit like a folk-style lullaby. Gentle.

10. Good Friends

The piano line in this song are a bit too much. Maren Morris is back to her key topic and combines friendship and love topics in this track.

11. What Would This World Do?

In case you dare to think that this is a song about climate change, ecological impacts or severe natural catastrophes… I am sorry. The full chorus statement of this duet is What would this world do without you. However, the song is rather dedicated to her former producer Michael Busbee than to Ryan Hurd.


Maren Morris – Humble Quest – Spotify

Here is Humble Quest on Spotify:


Maren Morris – Humble Quest – My View

I feel that Humble Quest cannot connect to the albums before. It feels too stereotype to me, but also does not come with too many outstanding tracks. There are some nice picks for the hugging moments in life, as well as some nice country music sounds. However, the album as a whole is worse than a Maren Morris album should be.


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