Twinnie – Blue Hour (After Dark)

Twinnie - Blue Hour (After Dark)



3.6/5 Pros

  • Good pop songs
  • Emotional tracks Cons

  • Very slick, compared to her previous songs

In the very early stages of my country music coverage with, I also frequently ran into a British artist, Twinnie. I simply loved her music and her very personal style, which was cheeky, a bit of crazy. Her debut album Hollywood Gypsy contains songs like Better When I’m Drunk, at which the title already gives you a flavor what I mean with that. Twinnie moved to Nashville in the meantime. Blue Hour (After Dark) is the first major release after her transition. I was really curious how she developed before I listened to her 20th October 2023 EP release.


Twinnie – About The Artist

Twinnie Lee Moore is a British musician and musical actress. I funnily saw the 1987 York-born the first time on stage as a cast member of the musical Rock of Ages. In the mid-2010’s, she more and more went towards a solo music career. In the late 2010’s, she became a very frequent artist on British and European stages. There are several posting related to Twinnie on my website.Regarding Spotify streams, her 2022 single release Welcome To The Club is her most successful song so far (almost two million streams), which also comes with a 19 minutes short film.

There will be a second Blue Hour EP, if I do not misinterpret Twinnie’s Instagram account: There is two parts to this EP bc he gave me so much to write about but I will need your help in deciding the next 6 songs. More to come on that.


Twinnie – Blue Hour (After Dark) – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Lonely Long

The EP feels like a typical Nashville debut one: six songs, four of them already released. The opener, however, is a new one Lonely Long is a pop song, but there are some very decent country vibes in it (maybe I just want to find them somewhere). The song feels somehow like Twinnie in her European career, but is a bit too brave. Nonetheless, it is my favorite one on this EP.

2. Sad Boy

Regarding the campaign of single features towards this EP, Sad Boy was the most successful one (60k streams on Spotify). The sound is not that far away from former Twinnie ballads and nicely illustrates her vocal abilities.

3. Just Like Earle

Just Like Earle is driven by a faster rhythm. Here and there, there is a steel guitar howling at the background. The song’s got some nice character and is my favorite one of the four single releases.

4. Bad Man

The album is After Dark, so that it is not too surprising that it also features some slower tunes. Bad Man is one of them. Nice melody.

5. Blue Hour

Sometimes, I need to be harsh and use my German direct way of communicating. Yes, the title track has a somehow nice melody. But there is also a clear reason why this track has not been featured yet: it is the weakest spot in this six track collection. Even though warbling backing sound, which reminds me of Hawaiian music, is somehow cute.

6. The Way I Loved You

The EP is closing with another ballad. Emotional, a bit of kitschy, maybe a song you might play again on one of the colder days in December.


Twinnie – Blue Hour (After Dark) – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Twinnie – Blue Hour (After Dark) – My View

Ther Way I Loved You – the title of the final track describes my struggle with Blue Hour (After Dark) perfectly. I loved Twinnie’s music, because she was special. She was also special, because nobody else is forgetting his guitar for a show, borrowing it from another act and then dropping it on stage, so that it almost broke. I loved Twinnie, because she was Twinnie. With her transition to Nashville, she opened a new chapter. Twinnie 2023 is slicker, no edges, no cheeky and a bit of sleazy attitude any more. And she is turning into a pop artist. I miss that, because she was special. But, back to her Insta about her relocation, It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through but I’m here with a different life to the one I planned for and I’m OK, Im more than ok and doing FANTASTIC. You have to feel happy for this amazing talent.

Favorite Song: Lonely Long about Twinnie

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