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5.0/5 Pros

  • Great 1980's style rock music
  • Great melodies
  • Clear, powerful vocals

A young female British rock artist, born in the 1990’s, who states that she loves 1980’s rock? Feels like a review I just have to do with And indeed, I have been really excited while I listened to Chez Kane and her self-titled debut album, which has been released on 12th March 2021.

Chez Kane – About The Artist

Chez Kane is a British rock singer. Her civil name is Cheryl Kane. She took her first steps in the music business as part of the band Kane’d. The seven member band is fronted by Chez and her two siblings, Stephanie “Steph” Kane and Stacey Kane. The band released their first single and their debut album Rise in 2015. The last release of the band was the 2018 album Show Me Your Skeleton. Chez Kane decided to do a solo career, especially as Covid-19 slowed down her band project. There have been two single releases in 2021, before the album is being published.


Chez Kane – Chez Kane – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Better Than Love

Something better than love
Something better than us
Somebody show me the power
I gotta’ move on cause you’re never enough for me
Need something better than love
Something you couldn’t touch
I want to know what my heart is for
So I’ll move on cause there’s gotta’ be something more
Something better than love

There are these encounters which change your mood from the very first second. A friendly smile, an amazing personality – or damn great music. I never met Chez Kane in real – but she definitely got me with her music. This five minute opener feels like a trip to the good old music time. Superb melody, rhythm and vocal performance. Love it!

2. All Of It

I want all of it – and a little bit more. The title, the melody and the Hey shouter, which will cheer the crowds at any Chez Kane show all remind me a bit of Doro Pesch’s party smashers. Powerful party track with smashing guitar riffs. Fun – with a touch of All We Are…

3. Rocket On The Radio

The second single, Rocket On The Radio, has a bit more of a mainstream touch and is thus airplay-compatible. Again, Chez Kane is doing authentic traditional, melodic music, which feels familiar from the first chorus latest.

4. Get It On

Powerful guitar riffs and atmospheric backing vocals – the empowering Go, go, go, get it on just has to catch you. This kind of music is brand new – and already feels timeless.

5. Too Late For Love

Now it’s too late
Too late for love
Cause we played for higher stakes
But we bet too much Now it’s too late
It’s too late for love
Oh, we thought we had it all
But we were out of touch
Too late for love

Again, Chez Kane just catches me from the very first minute. The song reminds me of… no, wait a minute, it just reminds me of the 1980’s era. I would have loved this lady 35 years ago already. The more I am thankful that she brings back my youth emotions in present times.

6. Defender Of The Heart

Hear the destiny calling
And a voice crying out for a hero
In the darkest of nights, love will shine a light
For the defender of the heart

The Defender Of The Heart is one of the most epic tracks of the album. The amazing melody of the chorus, the catching guitar play – this one is just such a straight and pure sound. Love to listen to it.

7. Ball N’ Chain

Are there really just four songs left? Damn, I just love these songs so much. Chez Kane is applying for a job at Bon Jovi in this song – for the lead singer. If Jon Bon Jovi was a female, their classics just would sound like Ball N’ Chain. 

8. Midnight Rendezvous

An intimate ballad? Not at all, this Midnight Rendevous is an energetic uptempo rocker.

Hide your heart tonight
You know I got you in my sight (Here comes trouble)
Opposites attract I can be the fire to your ice
On a midnight rendezvous

Again, I am amazed by the vocal performance. Even for a non-native like me, the lyrics come crystal clear.

9. Die In The Name Of Love

Die In The Name Of Love starts in the melodic, a bit of schmaltzy way of many 1980’s pop tracks. The synth in the background could have been the background music of so many classics.

10. Dead End Street

The album closes with its longest track, the 5:38 minute Dead End Street. Another amazing vocal performance, somewhere between Bonnie Tyler and Doro. Two true heroes of female rock music. Chez Kane is not at all on a dead end street.


Chez Kane – Chez Kane – Spotify

Here is Chez Kane on Spotify:


Chez Kane – Chez Kane – My View

Could someone pinch me? Is that real? This is a review of a debut album. Okay, Chez Kane had some experience with her band. But this album feels so mature. Her melodic power is paired with incredible vocal strength. And the takes the perfect genre fit to her talents. I just can’t find a reason not to do it: for the third time since I rate from 0.0 to 5.0, an album is receiving the optimum score. Of course it is the first time a debut album does that score. Joe Satriani – Shapeshifting, Taylor Swift – folklore … and now Chez Kane. Congrats!


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