Paradise in Flames – Devil’s Collection

Paradise in Flames - Devil's Collection



2.9/5 Pros

  • Precise instrumentation and voices
  • Good in multi-layered arranged songs Cons

  • Overall, too few characteristic elements

Paradise in Flames are a Death Metal / Black Metal band from Brazil. Even though they already exist since 2002, they just released two albums so far. Their third one, the Devil’s Collection is mixing some greatest hits with new tracks. The album will be released on 16th October 2020.


Paradise in Flames – About The Artists

The roots of the bands are in Santa Luzia, a city close to Belo Horizonte. The band had quite some lineup changes in the past, they are nowadays a band of four, O. Mortis, A. Damien, W. Adrian and R. Raender. A. Damien, vocalist and guitar player, seems to be the only of the founding members who is still active. In 2006, the band released their first album, Homo Morbus Est. The band did not release too frequently thereafter as well – the next album, Labirinto Das Metaforas has been published eight years later. The album contains songs in Portuguese as well. Due to the infrequent updates, it is not too surprising that the success of the band is hardly measurable on Spotify.


Paradise in Flames – Devil’s Collection – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Nahemah’s Possession

Pleasing the soul with some strings at the beginning – followed by the sounds with make you move your head to the rhythm. Nehemah’s Possession is a pleasing starter to this set of ten songs, indeed. I feel that the vocals are a bit too much in the background though.

2. I’m Sure Your Gods Have Seen This Before

Where this track is much stronger compared to the first one is simply the vocals. The band is playing with different styles of singing and shouting, which finally leads to quite a wide sound. The instrumentalists have a comparably easy task in here – the sound is rather majestic than speedy.

3. Satan’s Laws

Satan’s Laws are accompanied by female background voices. The song itself is solid, but not an overwhelming catch.

4. It’s All Wrong

It’s All Wrong is the weakest track on the album so far. There is simply no catching element. The guy at the microphone is acting too defensively (or the producer just did not give him sufficient support), the guitars are doing a nice and accurate job, but overall, there is simply no catching element. You could loop the riffs for hours and take that as background sound for the encounter group at the metal bar around the corner. “Not bad” is sometimes just too far away from “good”.

5. Has Never Seen a World Without Wars

This song is a bit more on the favorable side on my point of view. The band does a very precise work, in vocals as well as on the instrumental side. I love when they arrange their songs in multiple layers. The drums have some very present moments in here as well – overall, I would like to have more of these marching, powerful sounds.

6. The Tepes

Metal bands need to have some of these long songs, I feel. For Paradise in Flames and the album Devil’s Collection, this track is number 6, The Tepes, which is close to seven minutes. The playtime gives a lot of time to give different episodes in one song, quiet, very melodic moments and powerful ones. I feel the Brazilians are not too bad when they alter with these moods – even though I’m still missing characteristic elements.

7. Ripping Off False Masks

Good (and hammering) drums, present voice – I am just asking myself why you have to wait until the seventh track for that. Very nice collaboration of instruments and vocalists with some surprising speed changes.

8. Hell’s Now

Paradise in Flames bawls in this one with a lot of power. Definitely a lot of dark mood in Hell’s Now (a title which perfectly suits the atmosphere). Live on stage, this one will cause masses of devil horns in the audience \m/. Rather slow track, though.

9. Devil from the Sky

Devil from the Sky is more or less the grand finale of the album. I like the guitar play in here, nice finish.

10. No Life On Earth

No Life On Earth is a 84 second outro to the album, which majorly consists of the sound of the sea and piano sounds. Atmospheric ending.


Paradise in Flames – Devil’s Collection – Spotify

Here is the Devil’s Collection on Spotify:


Paradise in Flames – Devil’s Collection – My View

The Devil’s Collection is neither good enough for a special place in the purgatory nor that bad that you are sent back to the upper floors and have to carve out your miserable eternal existance on a cloud in heaven. It is average. The band shows strengths and talents – but they fail to create a strong character. Only few songs are really memorable. Bad luck, I feel they could deliver much better. on Hard Rock and Metal

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