Songs Of The Week (week of 6 May 2022)

Wow… This edition of my Songs of the Week was a huge bit of work. I simply had so many candidates for the list. I hope I finally selected a set which picks some nice tracks for everybody. Enjoy the songs.


Melissa Mantzoukis – Someone To You

The final show of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German equivalent to American Idol, has really been strong. Even though I felt that the show is not really as popular as in previous years (missing iconic Dieter Bohlen), this song is amazing to me. I selected the song before the show is aired – so that I have no clue if my favorite finally won or not.


About Gorillas and Vampires – Small Town Blues

Hometown music: About Gorillas are an indie electro pop duo from Cologne. I really like their new single, Small Town Blues.


Andy Brings & Band – Schlaflos

Cool song, somewhere between alternative rock and punk. Really enjoyed this powerful one.


Dani Suara – Wenn Du am Fallen bist

German rock from StuttgartWenn Du am Fallen bist (“When you are falling”) is a powerful debut by Dani Suara, who already had some TV show appearance. Great listen.


Drei Meter Feldweg – Unten am Strand

This week, there is a lot of energy with German songs. Doesn’t this song have a nice drive? If you speak German, you will also appreciate the summer-drinking-fun lyrics of this track by the punk rockers.


Masie Peters – Cate’s Brother

British Maisie Peters just creates her own style. Sometimes, I think about Taylor Swift, sometimes about Avril Lavigne, when I listen to her… And then she rocking hard. Cool sound, great new single.


Mimoza – Unprotected

300 million streams already – the Los Angeles-based pop singer Mimoza is definitely quite an established global act already. Her new single Unprotected is impressive, indeed.


Sorana – Karaoke

Music from Romania: what a great pop track by Sorana, who is nowadays living in Los Angeles. Absolutely loved listening to this energetic track.


Rahel – Everhappy

German-produced pop with an international signature: Rahel released Everhappy this Friday – and I simply enjoyed the listen. Had to put it on this list of songs.


DNCE – Move

Okay, it is US mainstream pop (one member is Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, by the way). But it makes me smile and move. So I felt it should be in here.


Matteo Bocelli

Bocelli? Yeah, Matteo Bocelli is indeed Andrea’s son. A very different style of music, compared to his father. But really a nice groove.


Amber van den Elzen – Someone To You

Amber van den Elzen is another Deutschland Sucht den Superstar final contestants. Really cool song, very different to Someone To You by Melissa Mantzoukis.


Adriana – Ich Will Tanzen

This weekend, I generally featured a lot of German language tracks. This schlager song is from Austria. I just liked the vibe, even though it comes with a lot of stereotypes of the genre.


Sarah Zucker – Wir Tanzen Um Die Welt

Yeah, it is schlager – but I feel this song by Sarah Zucker moves quite a step towards the dance pop genre. Cool song.


Redlight King – In Our Blood

The band is headed by Canadian Mark Kasprzyk, who is nowadays living in California. Nice, powerful rock with alternative elements.


Bobby Stoker – My Destiny

The Frankfurt, Germany, artist makes me more and more curious about his album Everglow, which will be released on 20th May 2022. Great classic rock sound.


Moritz Garth – Liebe

This voice is a blast. The song is about Liebe – “Love”. And I love it. No more words needed.



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