Fabian Kuhn – Constellations EP

Fabian Kuhn - Constellations



4.0/5 Pros

  • Beautiful, characteristic singer-songwriter pop
  • Nice range of songs Cons

  • Only one new song

This review is about some singer-songwriter pop from Germany – more precisely: quite from the Rheinland area I grew up and live in. The artist, Fabian Kuhn, is looking forward to release his debut EP Constellations on 2nd February 2024. I already had a listen and share my thoughts with you.


Fabian Kuhn – About The Artist

While Spotify just knows songs by Fabian Kuhn released rather before the EP release, his YouTube channel also features two songs released in 2017 already. He is born in 1998 in Düren, a city between Cologne and Aachen in Germany and grew up in that area. He started playing the drums and later learned to do play the guitar as well. Kohn got quite some regional attention being part of the band wildfire, which did not survive the Covid-19 period. Kuhn finally decided to pursue a solo musical career.


Fabian Kuhn – Constellations – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 24 minutes. However, only the title track has not yet been released as a single.

1. All I Want

Kicking off with the piano only, the opening song All I Want is having a nice beat and thus feels rather pop-ish. The drummer is Niklas Stade from the band Neufundland, by the way. Kuhn’s voice is coming with a nice presence. A very catching blend of folk and pop music elements.

2. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a bit slower, but you feel that the song is having the same style like the opener. The in the first track, I love the ease of a rhythmic folk-pop song on the one side, but a good storytelling on the other hand. Tracks like this one like nicely to enjoy yourself as well as for a deeper listen.

3. Unsaid

Unsaid is my favorite song of the EP. It comes with the ease and depth of the songs before, but is also sounds more mature to me. It also has light sing-a-long parts which could make it to a fan’s favorite on the upcoming shows.

4. Lost by the Sea

With 4:35 minutes, the fourth song Lost by the Sea is the longest listen of the album. The rather slow song does have a nice ease of a pop song – but overall, it is the track, which is closest to folk song stereotypes. Lost by the Sea is driven by very decent drumming, which leads to a really nice touch.

5. Black into Blue

Fabian Kuhn gets (most) emotional in this fifth song. The ballad Black into Blue works out very well and illustrates another option in the range of his songs. Nice.

6. Constellations

Safe the best for last? At least, the title song of his debut EP is taking over the role of the chucker-out track. The style of Constellations especially remind me of the first two songs of the EP. I enjoy it.

Lately I’ve been wondering
Is this the way that it should go?
All my life I’ve been running after something that I don`t know


Fabian Kuhn – Constellations – Spotify

Here is Constellations on Spotify:


Fabian Kuhn – Constellations – My View

If you follow my reviews, you know that I feel that one new song out of six is just not sufficient, even at a debut release (where I am less strict in that). However, Constellations will attract quite a lot of new Fabian Kuhn listeners, I think. These will have a good time. It is really lovely to allow his music to become part of your thoughts. The songs also have a common character. Especially if you like singer-songwriter pop, you should have a listen.

Favorite Song: Unsaid


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