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2019 has come to an end – and music has been one of the key topics of in 2019. In contrast to 2018, where I only took a look into my favorite songs of that year, I will this year split my musical look back into two parts, the favorite songs / singles of the year and another posting about my favorite albums. As there is so much focus on my work on country music, I will split my very personal annual charts into country and non-country songs.


My Favorite Non-Country Songs in 2019

I have to admit that in contrast to 2018, which had non-sountry songs like Shotgun, no song really touched me that much during 2019.

5. Venedig (Love Is In The Air) by Vanessa Mai

I recently visited a very intimate Vanessa Mai show, where she promoted her new album to be released in early 2020. This song is one of the tracks of that disc. The song is not too deep, not a massive plot, but I love the easy summer feeling in it and the catchy tunes. By that, she finally kicked out Shawn Mendes’ Senorita.

4. Just A Giggolo by Max Raabe & Palastorchester feat. Lordi

Max Raabe’s MTV Unplugged is just a gem of an album – especially as he uses the opportunity to be part of that concert series and experiments with people like German rapper Sido or Mr. Lordi, who does not seem to fit in here at all. But Raabe just has the right idea, the right vision and creates an amazing track.

3. The Middle by Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey – The Middle

Especially in the country music scene, but also global, Maren Morris is one of the key emerging artists of the year to me. Though she had some great songs on her first album, she improved a lot during 2019 – and she was lucky to be in the right songs, even if it is not her genre. The Middle had worldwide success for a good reason – it is a great song performed by a fascinating lady.

2. Lover by Taylor Swift

Taylor did not cash in as much as I expected her to with her 2019 album Lover. From a purely commercial point of view, even the title track might not be a real buster – but the critics loved it and so did I. By far the best song of the album and one of the best Taylor tracks ever.

My Favorite Non-Country Song:
Moonglow by Avantasia feat. Candice Night

Taylor Swift would have definitely deserved to receive that crown as well, but the catching Moonglow, title track of the 2019 Avantasia album and an amazing collaboration with Candice Night from Blackmore’s Night. I also loved the song when it was performed live by Adrienne Cowan. This song caught me that much, excellent metal songwriting, I felt that this is my right pick.



My Favorite Non-2019 Song in 2019:

Heads Carolina, Tails California by Joe Dee Messina

There were a couple of songs which just accompanied me during the year, but in fact are no 2019 ones. One of these songs was the 1996 song by Joe Dee Messina, which I happened to run into at Nissan Stadium, Nashville, during the CMA Fest 2019.


My Favorite Country Songs in 2019

Country is finally the genre which I heard and reviewed most by far. Thus, I finally decided to go for seven songs in this list instead of five – I just felt I would miss a song which absolutely deserved to be in this list.

7. Look What God Gave Her by Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett’s album Center Point Road has a lot of great songs. This musical love letter to his wife is definitely an amazing song. Lauren Akins, I am sure you love to be with this guy!

6. Better When I’m Drunk by Twinnie

During 2019, Twinnie steadily improved and got closer and closer to the top of the UK country music acts. A huge factor are her fresh and enjoying songs – to me, Better When I’m Drunk is the best one of 2019.

5. What Happens in A Small Town by Brantley Gilbert & Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell is one of Canada’s finest country acts. Not that surprisingly, she increased her fan base in Europe significantly as well. This duet with the amazing Brantley Gilbert was just one of the airplay superhits of the year. I loved it as well – hope you do too.

4. Running Out Of Road by Lauren Jenkins

Buying Lauren Jenkins’ debut album No Saint during the C2C 2019 in Berlin was maybe one of the most life-changing investments (15 Euro!!) of 2019 to me. I just fell in love to Lauren’s music, who not just an amazing artist, but also an amazing person off stage. Songs like Running Out Of Road are great example that her songs are magic – it was really hard to pick one.

3. Numbers On The Cars by Riley Green

As part of his Different ‘Round Here album, Riley Green published a couple of amazing songs with thoughtful stories during 2019. Numbers On The Cars is about dementia, I featured it multiple times on the website. You just have to listen to it.

2. 1, 2 Many by Luke Combs feat. Brooks & Dunn

Luke Combs, who reached so many records during 2019. Parts of this amazing run were several fantastic songs. 1, 2 Many from his new album What You See is What You Get was maybe not the most successful one, but this collaboration with Brooks & Dunn just has so much power – I just love it.

My Favorite Country Song 2019:
Call Me by Sarah Darling

I don’t need any Spotify statistics for that – if you ask me for the song I listened to most during 2019, there is no doubt: Sarah Darling’s Call Me made me travel into her Wonderland countless times – and I enjoyed every trip. Thank you for this amazing one, Sarah! Media Reviews

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