Charley Crockett – $10 Cowboy

Charley Crockett - $10 Cowboy



4.7/5 Pros

  • Straight, honest country songs
  • Lovely storytelling

$10 Cowboy is already the fifth album I review by Charley Crockett. Either under his normal solo artist name or under the artist name “Lil G.L.”, he presented great country music to you and me so far. On 26th April 2024, Crockett releases a new album, $10 Cowboy. I already had a listen.


Charley Crockett – About The Artist

The 40 year old Charley Crockett, born on 24th March 1984 in San Benito, Texas, is a frequently releasing singles and albums. Having his twentieth anniversary as a professional artist in 2025, his discography so far lists eleven studio albums and two EPs. Even though his releases do typically not peak too high in the charts, there is a rather brave fan base for the US-American artist. In 2023, he was nominated for the Artist of the Year, the Album of the Year and the Song of the Year at the Americana Music Honors & Awards.


Charley Crockett – $10 Cowboy – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 40 minutes.

1. $10 Cowboy

I’m a ten dollar cowboy
Baby that’s a fact
I got some inhibitions
That might be holding me back

The album kicks off with its title track. The song is an entertaining listen with a rather slow and traditional country music style. The rather bassy voice by Charley Crockett leads to very present vocals. Especially in the bridge, the song nicely makes use of a good range of instruments.

2. America

America is a lovely dialog between the artist and his home country. The first verses are America, how are you? I hope you’re doing fine, but also includes statements like I love ya and I fear you sometimes or You promised and I’ve been waiting patiently. The song has a nice brass line and comes with a series of short verses. This leads to a very special, soulful listen.

3. Hard Luck

I am a bit confused about the third song, which has been released as Hard Luck & Circumstances as a single, but is only listed as Hard Luck in my press material. The song comes with a nice melody and a very personal story. Still rather on the traditional side, the song still has a rather modern touch.

4. Good At Losing

They laughed at me in New York City
Called me a fool in L.A.
I doubt that Nashville saw me coming
Besides the bar folks working late

The fourth track Good At Losing is a retrospective to all the struggles and failures you have to face as a professional artist. The song is a beautiful, personal song, which gives me a really enjoyable listen. Great one.

5. Gettin’ Tired Again

The fifth song is another melancholic song, which is centered around the phrase getting tired again. Again, there is a lot struggle in the song, which is having a nice touch of blues.

6. Spade

The very rhythmic song Spade comes with a nice drive and speed. Again, Charley Crockett is great in telling the story of the song in a great way.and beautifully plays with different instrumental element.

7. Diamond In The Rough

Diamond in the rough
Honey that’s what you are
I’ve been mining all the bars
Just looking for you

The seventh song slows down the pace in $10 Cowboy again. Diamond In The Rough is a lovely country music ballad, which could definitely be a nice one when Charley Crockett is on stage. I definitely like it.

8. Ain’t Done Losing

The eighth song is coming with howling guitars. Especially the steel guitar is in focus of the melodic  On the topic side, the message I ain’t done losing yet feels not too optimistic, unfortunately.

9. Solitary Road

Especially in the context of $10 Cowboy he single release Solitary Road feels surprising and rocking. Again, Charley Crockett strikes with his characteristic voice and great storytelling. The very melodic sound of the track leads to a nice catch.

10. City Of Roses

Not fully a ballad, but a rather slow track: City Of Roses is another very personal and emotional listen. A beautiful story about meeting a young women in Louisiana.

There’s a city of roses
Way back in the pines
I don’t know if you know it
But it ain’t hard to find

11. Lead The Way

The present rhythm of Lead The Way creates and almost pop-ish style. Charley Crockett still feels intense, personal and relatable in the eleventh song of the album. The guitar solo is a beauty.

12. Midnite Cowboy

Midnite Cowboy is the closing song of $10 Cowboy. Again, the song is about the struggle you have as a musician. Finally, the key phrase is I let my heart lead the way. You definitely feel his heart in the song – and the whole album.


Charley Crockett – $10 Cowboy – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget once the album has been released. 


Charley Crockett – $10 Cowboy – My View

I really love what Charley Crockett is doing. And I feel that $10 Cowboy is a perfect example. In neither of the twelve songs, you struggle to feel that his are honest, from the very bottom of his heart. This leads to an amazing listen overall. Even if his style is not commercial, his 2024 songs are a treat.

Favorite Song: Good At Losing


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