Freakstorm – Storm Inside My Heart

Freakstorm - Storm Inside My Heart



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great vocal performance
  • Straight high quality melodic rock songs
  • Very entertaining listen Cons

  • Just at the minimum duration

A tribute band growing to an album with seven very own songs and two covers: Freakstorm from Gummersbach near Cologne originally aimed to cover songs of the US band Halestorm. Then their faith changed – and after two EPs, they release their very own debut album on 17th August 2021. The title is Storm Inside My Heart. Here are my thoughts about it.


Freakstorm – About The Artists

Freakstorm are Sinah Meier and Olli Fuchs. Sinah Meier is the singer and songwriter of the project, Olli Fuchs is a drummer. The third big name behind the project is Dennis Ward. The producer also works for bands like Helloween. He played guitar and bass on the album – but there were also numerous other musicians involved. The press kit names Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia). Sinah and Olli started recording Halestorm songs initially – their key aim was to hand over the cover recording to their idols. However, that also let to the motivation to do own stuff and in 2018 they self-released We Got The Fire, their debut EP. Their second EP From Zero was their first major work released internationally.


Freakstorm – Storm Inside My Heart – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 33 minutes. The album is available online and physically. Three of the songs have already been released as part of From Zero in 2019.

1. Storm Inside My Heart

Powerful guitar play from the very first second – Freakstorm is giving a clear hint that they want to rock the listener during these nine songs. Sinah Meier impresses with a crystal clear, but still very powerful and deep voice. The guys on the instruments do what is needed to make this one a catching listen. Does not sound like a debut album’s first track at all – you feel all the experience and expertise in the team behind Freakstorm.

2. Wicked

I enjoyed the opener, I smile brightly when Sinah is singing the chorus of Wicked. The previously unreleased track feels to be a bit more shy in the verses, but towards the chorus, the song develops a fascinating melodic rock power. Great song.

When I’m with you
It gets wicked
First you pull me in
Then you pull under the surface
Of this nightmare
I can’t free myself, free myself.

3. Unbreakable Tonight

The third song just has all you need to convince people of your music during a live show. A catching and easy to remember melody, some parts which are easy to sing with the band. On top that, there is a excellent vocal presentation – these guys feel like two rock gems hidden in the Bergisches Land region.

4. Not The One

Not The One is one of the three songs, which have already been released on the From Zero EP in October 2019. If you like rock / hard rock power ballads, you should definitely dare a listen. Even though you also feel how the project has developed during these almost two years, the track is a great listen.

5. Can’t Keep Me Down

Can’t Keep Me Down has eben the opening track of From Zero. No doubt, the rhythmic chorus is one of the most catching tracks of the album. Maybe a bit too much recycling of previously released tracks – but I feel this is somehow acceptable for upcoming acts than for established artist. Great song.

6. Shot Down In Flames

Maybe the most interesting song of the album. Does a female voice work out on this AC/DC classic? To me, it just feels too much like this signature rock simplicity of the Australians. Even though Sinah Meier is doing a really good job, it is distracting me from properly listening to her. Rather mixed emotions about this one.

7. Out Of The Door

Out Of The Door is to me the song which comes with the highest potential for airtime in German mainstream radio. Not that hard that people would not listen to it. But still a nice rock line. Unfortunately, I struggle a bit with the vocal performance in this song, especially during the verses, due to some weird pronouncing. But that’s rather a matter of taste.

8. Nothing

Nothing is the final From Zero reference on Storm Inside My Heart. Again, a very good song with good melodies, straight, very good work on the instruments. Sounds much better than a band with less than 2,000 followers on Facebook.



9. Here’s To Us

The album concludes with the Halestorm classic, which is marked as bonus track in the list of songs. The song just is a perfect closing of the album – so even if the recording is a bit older, I feel it is an excellent choice to finish Freakstorm’s debut album.


Freakstorm – Storm Inside My Heart – Spotify

Here is Freakstorm’s debut album on Spotify:


Freakstorm – Storm Inside My Heart – My View

The first part of my thoughts is easy: Freakstorm released nine really good rock tracks in here. Very good and melodic arrangements, which are built around the great voice of Sinah Meier. Freakstorm sounds like an established act, but they still need to gain a lot of fans to get where they belong. Again, I think about my recent thoughts about pricing of music – 16.99 (physical) / 9.99 (download) EUR is quite a bunch when you just receive a bit more than 33 minutes and nine songs – even though for most of the people who go for it, it will be their first Freakstorm purchase. Nowadays, music industry is a beast of a business – but I would have loved to have one or two more (new) tracks in Storm Inside My Heart.


Price based on Amazon Germany at the day of review.


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