Would – Be Okay To Not Be Okay

Would - Be Okay To Not Be Okay



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very nice and virtuous guitar-folk rock
  • Good songs
  • Nice atmosphere Cons

  • Rather similar songs

With Be Okay To Not Be Okay, I present you another debut album from Germany. While you might not know the project name Would, the artist behind the songs is rather well-known in the German music scene. On 23rd February 2023, he shared the full set of tunes with the audience.


Would – About The Artist

Would is the solo project of Matthias Schwettmann. The Hamburg artist is majorly known as the lead of the band Palila, which I already featured two album reviews, Rock’n’Roll Sadness (2021) and Mind My Mind (2023). After an EP, which features some songs of Be Okay To Not Be Okay released in 2023, this album is the major debut release of the act.


Would – Be Okay To Not Be Okay – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Smile

The four minute opener Smile is just a great way to get into that new music. A nice mixture of folk and rock music, which is nicely driven by intense guitar work, from gentle strumming and more riff-based, rocking moments. Matthias Schwettmann’s voice feels like the perfect topping.

2. Start Another War

The next almost five minutes are taken by Start Another War. Similar to the opener, the song has a rather gentle start, but then creates a nice atmosphere you simply enjoy following and listening to.

3. Remember

Five songs from this set of a dozen have already been released by Matthias Schwettmann and his new project. The first one on the album is Remember, which is having a stronger rocking soul than the two tracks before. A really nice new touch – good song!

4. Music Clips

The fourth track Music Clips is slowing down the pace of the album again. The melodic, a bit of dream-ish chorus stays in your mind. Again, Schwettmann is putting a strong focus on virtuous guitar work.

5. No One’s Laughing

No One’s Laughing? At least I am smiling while I am listening to the album. The third song in this block of already featured singles does not change it. It feels a bit repetitive, compared to the songs before, at the beginning, but then surprises with thumbing guitar parts, which make the song work out very well. Nice.

6. Reply

The Americana touch of the album gets a stronger emphasis in this song. Not only the opening harmonica gives a touch of US-American style music. However, the song is again rather gentle and thus touches you emotionally quite well.

7. Work Alone

I don’t remember what I said is the part of the lyrics which simply stays in your mind while listening to Work Alone. This Would song nicely fits into the whole album. You have to say, though, that apart from that song is not that strong in its character like other tracks.

8. Hipster Dad

In the context of Be Okay To Not Be Okay, the Hipster Dad is rater brave, compared to what the title might suggest. However, the previously released track is still a treat for guitar lovers.

9. Sleepwalkers

The very catchy main theme of Sleepwalkers turns the song into a rather pop-ish listen. I enjoy closing my eyes and simply enjoying what the Hamburg is telling to me. Regarding the melody and the atmosphere, this song is one of my favorites.

10. Now & Then

With 2:31 minutes, Now & Then is the shortest song of the album. The song has a fairy tale-alike atmosphere. It’s rather quiet touch turns the song into a special one on the album.

11. Electricity

The fact that Electricity is the last already released track of the album tells you that Be Okay To Not Be Okay is slowly coming to an end. Some electronic drum sounds add an interesting element to this song, which partially already feels like a nice fade out to the album.

12. Cracks

The in-fact chucker-out of the Would debut is Cracks, though. The song is a very gentle finale of the album. I could imagine that it is also a nice farewell track for the upcoming tour (see below).


Would – Be Okay To Not Be Okay – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Would – Be Okay To Not Be Okay – My View

I like Be Okay To Not Be Okay, even though I cannot deny that I feel a certain monotony. If you like gentle guitar driven rock song with a touch of folk music, you should definitely give Would or Matthias Schwettmann a chance and listen to the album. The release definitely made me curious for his upcoming time on stage.

Favorite Song: Sleepwalkers


Would – 2024 Tour

Already in March, Would is kicking off for a tour through Germany and Austria, together with Merlin Hydes (my review of his debut album In Plain Sights) and Austrian Martin Schönegger, , labelled as the Youngsbloods Tour 2024.

Fr 15.03.2024 Lübeck (Germany) – Tonfink
Su 17.03.2024 Langenberg – KulturGüterBahnhof
Tu 19.03.2024 Brilon – Stadtschenke
Fr 22.03.2024 Hallein (Austria) – Zone11
Sa 23.03.2024 Deggendorf (Germany) – Cafe Holler
We 27.03.2024 Diepolz – Break Out Asendorf
Th 28.03.2024 Hamburg – Ponybar


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