Clare Dunn – In This Kind Of Light EP

Clare Dunn - In This Kind Of Light



4.4/5 Pros

  • Five very versatile songs
  • Cool country rock track at the end Cons

  • Just five songs

Clare Dunn is quite a well known act (and very popular show opener) in the Nashville music scene. On 13th August 2021, she released a new EP. Here are my thoughts about In This Kind Of Light. 


Clare Dunn – About The Artist

Clare Dunn is a Colorado-born country musician. She was born there on 27th April 1987 and grew up in the town of Two Buttes, named after a mountain (as far as I saw). Her first two single releases, Get Out (2013) and Cowboy Side of You (2014) already attracted quite some attention. The latter was the first single release from her self-titled debut EP, which she released on 18th September 2015. The most successful  song on this EP was likely Tuxedo, which just made barely made it into the US Country Top 50, but still had quite some popularity. In February 2021, she released her second EP Real Thing.


Clare Dunn – In This Kind Of Light – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Holding Out For A Cowboy

The EP opens with a rather mid-tempo track, which comes with a nice vibe. Clare Dunn and her vocal performance are in the focus of this song. The song is likely a beauty especially for country music traditional listeners, who just cannot deny a modern country music crush in their listening behavior.

2. Good Love Bad

You need some good love bad
Like something that you’ve never had
The kind that keeps you coming back
You need some good love bad

The second song with its strong background vocal verb almost feels like a soul gospel track. Lovely groove and very nice listen.

3. How It Comes Off

Melodically, How It Comes Off is a lovely track following Good Love Bad. Great vocal performance by Clare Dunn – I absolutely love her work here. Great song.

4. Fool Moon

This fourth song of the EP is the track which most quickly caught me with it story. Beautiful, romantic country track with energetic vocals. My favorite song.

Looks like it’s gonna be a fool moon tonight
We keep on spinning around this feeling we can’t fight
It sure looks good
Feels right
In this kinda light
But it’s just another
Fool moon night

5. Lonely Alone

Dark, modern, rocking – Lonely Alone feels like Clare Dunn wants to make her fans wave her long hair to the vibe of this closing track. If you like powerful country rock, this one may be on repeat soon.


Clare Dunn – In This Kind Of Light – Spotify

Here is In This Kind Of Light on Spotify:


Clare Dunn – In This Kind Of Light – My View

Five cool songs, finishing with a surprising rocker – Clare Dunn really delivered a cool EP with five very different tracks. Straight, handmade country music with a blend of other genres here and there. Good listen!


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