Jennifer K. Austin – Journey

Jennifer K. Austin - Journey



4.0/5 Pros

  • Versatile collection of songs
  • Lovely voice
  • Very catching Cons

  • No outstanding tracks is receiving more and more requests for album reviews, interviews etc. – so I really need to keep a balance to not fully turn it into a music website. Nonetheless, I recently received a message from Jennifer K. Austin who offered me to review her 2020 album. I just felt after a short scan of her material that this could be a very interesting review – and here we are on her Journey, which will be released on 4th December 2020.


Jennifer K. Austin – About The Artist

The bio of Jennifer K Austin reads very interesting. She was born and raised in Nebraska, where she also graduated with a theater and communication degree. In 2010, she moved to Melbourne, Australia. The very first music snippet I found of her was her 2012 debut single I Am, which is a pop track. After two years in Down Under, she moved on to Auckland, New Zealand, where she is still located and also works as an actress. In 2015, she released her debut album Take Me With You (which I did not manage to listen to online). After a 2018 collaboration with the band Backfall, Counting Sheep, she released three singles in 2020 – which are all part of her album Journey.


Jennifer K. Austin – Journey – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 31 minutes

1. Scared of Never Letting Go

Scared of Never Letting Go starts with very atmospheric background sounds and concentrates then on Austin’s voice. I’m scared to never find a way back to you – lovely to listen to her.

2. The Strain

The Strain feels very different from the very beginning: a clear rhythm, more present melodies (which feels like Spanish / Latin American guitar tunes) – overall, this song is more pop-alike, but still stays very vocal-centric. I did not know where Jennifer K. Austin would take me to – but the musical Journey with her feels promising after two tracks.

3. 7 Years Ago

7 Years Ago is only 1:44 minutes long – but it is not an interlude – just a very short voice. It is surprisingly intense and catching. Very high voice by Austin.

4. Misery

Three sings of Jennifer K. Austin’s Journey have been released before the album – Misery is the first of them in the order of the tracks. The song is a piano song, which overall is creating quite a depressing feeling.

5. Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home is a another song with comparably strong rhythmic elements, which sometimes feel a bit threatening to me. The question whether to go big or to go home is clearly answered by the closing lyrics: not going home.

6. Shadow

Like in many other songs, Jennifer K. Austin moves between very high and very low vocals – like a dialog, a fight between good and bad. Overall, Shadow rather feels thoughtful, a bit of depressing.Her high voice is such a cutting experience, which turns the song to a really intense experience.


7. Authenticity

Authenticity is one of the most beautiful tracks of the album to me. It is starting with a kid’s voice – and the song itself covers the message to it that Authenticity is one of the key values and virtues in love. Lovely listen.

8. Old Gin

Old Gin has been the most recent single by Austin. The song is very powerful, has a touch of country and rock – so that it is indeed my favorite part of the Journey. Give it a try!

9. I Am Here

I Am Here stays in the countryrock mood, but is slower and has a dark touch. I definitely love all the different kinds of atmosphere Austin is creating within ten tracks.

10. Either Way

The finale of the Journey is lovely. Another country – folk track, this time with acoustic guitar only. Great listen as well.


Jennifer K. Austin – Journey – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Journey:


Jennifer K. Austin – Journey – My View

I feel really happy and thankful that I happened to decide to go on this Journey with Jennifer K Austin. The signature feature of the album is its versatility, the different kinds of atmopsheres and topics. Jennifer K. is indeed an interesting artist – and Journey is just a good proof for that.


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