My Favorite Country 2 Country Songs 2019

The beginning of March 2019 was a country music powerhouse to me. The Country 2 Country (C2C) debut in Berlin, followed by the “Sound of Nashville” in Cologne and the legendary 2019 C2C in London were three amazing country music events.

Similar to the favorite C2C music posting after my visit at the 2018 C2C in London, I list the songs which just stayed in my mind. I tried to concentrate on songs, which I really started to love at the festivals. Thus, songs like my 2018 favorite song Lost in the Middle by Catherine McGrath are not in here, though they massively touched me. I also loved Running out of Road and Give up the Ghost by Lauren Jenkins, but already covered them in my review of her excellent debut album.

Unfortunately, I could also not link the hilarious “Pants are overrated” by Lyle Lovett, as I could not find a corresponding Youtube video.

My favorite (new) C2C 2019 Songs

The following songs still catch me after one week at work after London. I do have a favorite song out of those, but felt not to tell it. Maybe you may guess.

Sarah Darling – Where Cowboys Ride

Sarah Darling’s track is in fact a 2017 publication. Her musical love letter to the US State of Wyoming is just wonderful to me. Lovely lyrics and pictures, nice melody sung by her beautiful voice. Makes me want to travel there and visit the cowboys.

Twinnie – Better When I’m Drunk

Twinnie… I did not know a single song of this girl before the C2C Berlin – but she just flashed me. Songs like Bad Bitch or Cupid are just a very young, fresh, naughty and straight way of interpreting country music. It will be very interesting to explore her debut album. I love her sense of humor and irony in her songs. Listen to her lyrics, here is her latest single. I definitely need don’t need to be drunk to love that girl!

I saw Twinnie on stage again on May, 10th, in Liverpool at the CMT Next Women of Country series.

Ashley McBryde – Fat and Famous

I have to admit that I have not been an overwhelming fan of Ashley McBryde before the C2C. Her music did not touch me. She rapidly changed it with every second of her performance in the O2 Arena. Fat and Famous is a cool track, telling the story that Ashley has been asked before her 10th anniversary school reunion whether she is still doing music. Being rejected in her school life, Ashley gives the perfect answer.

Jake Morrell – Englishman

Jake Morrell’s Englishman is a 2018 track. He states that you not have to travel to the US to write a country song. I think he did right in there. Nevertheless, he was the Sunday morning 10a.m. opener – maybe going to Nashville for some additional songwriting sessions? 🙂

Raelynn – Tailgate

This summer-power-track just feels like summer and just let’s you wait for Raelynn’s to-be-released album. I love the straight “Don’t tell my mother” lyrics about what happened on the back of her truck. Hope you like the tune as well.

Runaway June – Buy My Own Drinks

This song is a brand new one. I saw the three US girls in one of the intimate C2C Recording sessions in London and just felt amazed by their tracks and the songwriting behind. C2C London’s Friday this year was International Women’s Day – why now having an emancipated song for that?

Brett Eldredge – Love Someone

Brett Eldredge did two great performances in Berlin and London. In Berlin, he even had more focus as one of the headliners. This 2018 track is just a lovely song with a nice video. I am sure you enjoy it!

Keith Urban – Never Comin Down

Last but not least: Keith Urban. While I tried to have some upcoming artists in this posting, this one of the very big ones of country music entertainment. Never comin down was one of the first tracks released of his Graffiti U album. I especially love the party music chorus of this one.


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