King LX – Broken Crown

King LX - Broken Crown



3.9/5 Pros

  • Some very nice songs
  • Good range of genres and styles Cons

  • Some weak(er) tracks

Music from Hamburg: King LX is a rather new collaboration from the Northern German city. On 16th December 2022, they released their debut album, Broken Crown. Here is my review.


King LX – About the Artist

King LX is a duo from Hamburg. The more prominent part is likely singer Benji Asare, who had some releases as ESO.ES before. The second person of the project is Fayzen. The Hamburg-born and based artist did release a few albums early in his career, but is nowadays rather successful as a producer. The duo exists since April 2021.


King LX – Broken Crown – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 44 minutes. Seven songs have already been released as singles, not all come with a corresponding YouTube video.

1. Better

Better is a slower starter of the thirteen course musical menu. However, you already feel the elements, on which the Hamburg duo defined their music: there is the ease and the rhythm of a pop song, while soul and R&B elements add groovy and very modern elements. Great listen.

2. Brother

Brother can be described best as an R&B ballad. The focus on the vocal side is very strong, the melodic side is just slightly boosting the feeling that you have to move to the groove of the song.

3. Universe

I think the universe doesn’t like us
Like I do, yes I love you
I think the universe is tryin’ to fight us
But I’m here with you, yes I love you

The song might not come with the deepest and most complex lyrics, but together with the very energetic arrangement, Universe takes the role of being one of the key songs of the album.  It’s also one of my favorite listens. It is also the most popular song of the duo on Spotify so far, by the way.

4. Ghost in my Room

I got a ghost in my room // It’s speaking out your name. The fourth song is a beautiful song about missing your former love, emotions, pain. The song has a great potential to catch with its story, but also the dramatic melodic part of the song. A track with a nice airplay potential.

5. Jolie

Love is the main topic in music – and in this song, King LX state I am in love with Julie. The song starts very soulful, but then takes more energy and works with distorted sounds in the middle part. This leads to a nice plot of the track and an entertaining listen.

6. Lights On

What a change in style: Lights On is very melodic and rather reminds on 1990’s pop tracks. While you felt comfortable in the King LX steady groove of the first five songs, this track feels like a wake up call. There are still some surprising parts of the album to come – the sixth track is definitely one of them.

7. Love like a light

Love like a light is to me the most beautiful ballad of the album. A gentle, very soulful recording – you can dance with Asare and Fayzen – but there are also some romantic elements in it.

8. Pray

The very high, almost falsetto sound of Pray leads to another new flavor. The song has a strong R&B signature, another very nice listen.

9. Say It

The song comes with quite some very emotional and thus very personal-sounding songs. Say It comes with high voice vocals and intense use of backing vocals. The instrumental side is very limited and is dominated by the piano. A nice ballad with a touch of gospel.

10. Sorry

Sorry and Stargazing have been the last two single releases before the album. The are also one after another in the album. Sorry thereby introduces a synth-pop sound with keyboard melody lines. I enjoy the versatility of the songs in ehre.

11. Stargazing

Stargazing is a rather straight pop track. To me, it is a bit too mainstream-alike. Other songs have more character and thus leave a stronger mark in the mind of the listener.

12. Toast to Myself

Cheers! We have already made it – so a Toast to Myself is definitely not a bad idea. Again, the Hamburg duo went for another ballad. The arrangement reminds of Say It. However, the Toast to Myself is a significantly worse listen. It feels boring to me.

13. Carry You

Carry You is another pop track with a strong synth part. The duo is asking Can I carry you on my shoulder in the chorus of the closing track. Not a bad listen, but definitely not on my list of favorites as well.


King LX – Broken Crown – Track by Track

Here is Broken Crown on Spotify:


King LX – Broken Crown – Track by Track

Broken Crown is a very promising listen to me. There are quite a couple of good songs. Additionally, King LX are offering a nice range of styles in here, from very emotional and personal ballads to cool dance tracks. Unfortunately, you just cannot deny that some songs rather weaken the good impression. Still a very nice listen and definitely a good choice to give it a try if you like R&B and soul pop.


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