Rivers Of England – Eight In The Evening In Spring EP

Rivers Of England - Eight In The Evening In Spring



3.3/5 Pros

  • Nice alt-folk sound
  • The single releases are really good songs Cons

  • Some songs are a bit too long

Some interesting folkrock from Great Britain. Via a promotion platform, I ran into the band Rivers of England. Their new five track EP Eight In The Evening In Spring has been released on 16th July 2021. I felt to share my thoughts with you.


Rivers Of England – About The Artists

Rivers of England are an alt-folk-rock band from Bath in England. The band lead is guitarist and singer Rob Spalding. The other band members are Brian Madigan (drums), Roz Kerenza (violin) and William Owsley (bass, guitar). I however had contradicting linuep information – which might also be driven by the fact that the band loves to work with different guest musicians, so that their list of credits is typically very long. They are managed by Bremen-based company Songs & Whispers. One very interesting thing is that you can buy bundles of Rivers Of England releases together with releases by other artists on bandcamp. I found two albums by the band so far, the first one being Of Trivial And Gargantuan released in 2014.


Rivers Of England – Eight In The Evening In Spring – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 25 minutes.

1. My Father’s Boat

Even though a bit of energetic in the middle of the track, My Father’s Boat is a rather dream-ish song. The violin part gives a very nice touch. A gentle song, which is living from its story and the presence of the lead vocalist.

2. I Know What I’m Not

Melodically, the key difference between I Know What I’m Not and its predecessor is the dramatic touch of the second track. Rivers Of England nicely arrange the song which marchings drums and the very contrasting violin sounds. There is even a slight touch of brass. The song comes with some very strong instrumental parts, even though the vocal presentation is fine as well.

3. Time Rolls On

Time Rolls On is one of the two songs, which already made it to a single release. The voice reminds me a bit of Sting. Cool sound, one of my favorites – also as this track comes with a bit of rock touch as well.

4. For Astronauts

Flying away with the Rivers Of England. The song has indeed the touch of a space flight. You feel the wide space – even though I personally feel that this trip is just a bit too long (5:32 minutes).

5. Always On My Mind

Interesting closing track: Rivers Of England cover Elvis Presley (or one of the many artists who did that song as well). Very intimate and touching start, before the song takes its very own interpretation of the classic. I feel it’s a great one!


Rivers Of England – Eight In The Evening In Spring – Spotify

Here is Eight In The Evening In Spring on Spotify:


Rivers Of England – Eight In The Evening In Spring – My View

Eight In The Evening In Spring comes with ups and downs to me. The two singles are great, For Astronauts is on the opposite site of my review. The band does musically good stuff – but I feel that they sometimes love their own style a bit too much. Alternative folk lovers will listen to these five songs with a smile in their face, I am rather mixed.


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