Luna Morgenstern – Taking The Blow EP

Luna Morgenstern - Taking The Blow



3.5/5 Pros

  • Very own, characteristic sound
  • Some really good songs Cons

  • Some songs don't touch me

A debut EP by a home town artist – of course I have been curious when I ran into Luna Morgenstern and her alternative pop music. On 8th July 2021 (on a Thursday, not the classic Friday), she is releasing the five songs of Taking The Blow. Here are my thoughts.


Luna Morgenstern – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I just have very limited bio information about Luna Morgenstern. She is born and raised in Cologne, Germany, but now moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Luna Morgenstern – Taking The Blow – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. In My Head

People’s voices, synth sounds – Luna Morgenstern is using quite some melodic elements already at the beginning of this opener In My Head. Her high and crystal-clear voice is definitely the catching element of her music. I really enjoy the listen, even though the style of the song is not that much in my favored music genre range.

2. Done

Done starts a bit of slow-ish, but then turns into a very powerful and energetic pop track. Very nice song with a nice vibe and intense rhythm in the chorus. The song has a very characteristic style – what I generally feel to be a good thing.

3. Taking The Blow

The middle of the EP features its title track. The song works a lot with harmonics and background sounds. This leads to a nice, threatening atmopshere – but also that this is track I can least relate to.

4. Tonight

Tonight is likely the most atmospheric song of the EP, which has its climax in a dispute talk between a man and a women, roughly in the middle of the song. I have to admit that this song reminds me of some of the pop songs recorded by Taylor Swift. Beautiful how the young artist composed and arranged this track.

5. nobodylovesmelikeyoulovedme

Piano sounds, a very fragile atmosphere. Taking The Blow finishes with a very emotional and intimate highlight of the recording. It is a song I enjoy to listen on the one hand – on the other hand, I feel it is very stripped down and thus sometimes just does not manage to keep my full attention to it.


Luna Morgenstern – Taking The Blow – Spotify

Here is Luna Morgenstern’s debut EP on Spotify:


Luna Morgenstern – Taking The Blow – My View

German pop has become a very widespread genre. Luna Morgenstern comes with a very characteristic sound and the voice of an angel. Some songs work out really good for me – some others are just not creating the catching elements to me. I have to clearly state that I like synth pop, but this dreamish and spheric sounds are not in my musical comfort zone any more. Well produced songs, I am sure there will be more music by this lady soon.


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