The Jeals – Rage Generation

The Jeals - Rage Generation



2.1/5 Pros

  • The album illustrates a lot of potential of the band
  • Good songwriting and instruments Cons

  • A wider range of issues on the vocal side
  • Music is strangely mixed and feels cushioned
  • Too short for an album

The Easter weeks have been quite thin regarding new releases. The more, they are a chance for me to listen to upcoming bands. One of these bands are The Jeals, who are doing punk rock. On 9th April 2021, they release a new album, Rage Generation. I had a listen.


The Jeals – About The Artists

The Jeals a are a punk rock / post grunge band from Middle Germany. Their roots are in Halberstadt in Saxony-Anhalt, where a music teacher went for the founding of the band. The band started as a quartet, but added a second guitarist soon and majorly started as a cover band featuring songs by Green Day or The Beatles. In 2014, however, they also started to write first songs. Their debut EPBreak The Rules, has been released in 2016. In 2019, the band released a short album, Individualtiy. One of the interesting facts about the band that they have songs with German as well as songs with English lyrics. Janos Hielscher (drums) and Leonie Straßburger (vocals) are longer-term members of the band. Oli (guitar), Britta (guitar, backing vocals) and Tony (bass) complete the quintet and have joined the band in 2020. The band is nowadays located in the Halle / Leipzig region.


The Jeals – Rage Generation – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 23 minutes.


I guess you manage to add the necessary vocals. The album starts with an 85 second intro, which is just a series of different quotes of politicians, majorly dealing with racism and violent political speech.

2. Rage Generation

The title track is seemlessly connecting to this intro. The band feels to have a school band touch, which is especially caused by vocalist Leonie, who is sometimes lacking some precision on the microphone. The song is in fact a good one – when Strassburger angrily shouts We are the next generation, this is a clear statement. I would love to have more presence on the guitars and drums as well – would increase the rock touch and the slight aura of anger, which simply belongs to the genre.

3. World’s a better place 4 when I’m drunk

I like a lot about this song. The lyrics are not too bad, it comes with a catchy melody. But overall, the sound of the band on this recording is thin and poor. Bad luck, I can well imagine that these guys are really fun on stage.

4. Maskenball

With Maskenball, the album is heading towards two songs in German. The “Masked Ball”, is accusing a person of play-acting. To me this is the best song of the album. Again, it is lacking some power on the recording side, but it comes with nice melodic breaks and a good dramatic plot. Good one.

5. Die Übernachtungsbitch

Even though the fifth track is the second-shortest on the album, these 1:41 minutes are in fact a quick and compact song. The “Sleep-over bitch” cannot create the power other songs of the album can unfold.

6. Wake up

The angry appeal to Wake Up comes with powerful guitar play. Unfortunately, the drumming is not present enough and the song extremely suffers from the poor vocal recording. Bad luck, there are at least three really nice tracks so far, if the band was more brave in the studio.

7. Widerstand

Widerstand (“Resistance”) is even sometimes close to a metal track. The guitars are playing hammering licks and are supported by great work on the drums. But the mixing is neither focusing on the strings nor on the drumheads. Unfortunately, I feel that the vocal side is too dissonant in here.

8. Wer seid ihr?

Wer seid ihr? – “Who are you” is a spoken word epilogue at the end of the album, which is accusing politicians and economic leader about their attitude and virtues. I feel it is a bit harsh, also as it nearly paints an apocalyptic picture of the current situation of the world.


The Jeals – Rage Generation – Spotify

Here is Rage Generation on Spotify:



The Jeals – Rage Generation – My View

First of all, I feel you should be honest to yourself and your fans: don’t call Rage Generation an album. In fact, you just receive six songs with Die Übernachtungsbitch being a real short one. I would see it as an EP. The second and most important point, though, is the recording. I feel that a bit of better working in the studio could have lead to a more powerful, more professional sound. I guess people knowing The Jeals from one of their live shows might not be that critical – but for me being in a first-time contact with the band’s music, this was just too disturbing.


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