Paul Thorn – Never Too Late To Call

Paul Thorn - Never Too Late To Call



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very deep, intimate songs
  • Versatile album
  • Beautiful songs with wife and daughter

Americana and blues rock from a guy who felt the spirit of Elvis Presley in his young years (at least, he grew up in the Elvis’ birthplace): Paul Thorn is doing a quite interesting blend of music. On 6th August, he released his new album, Never Too Late To Call. Here are my thoughts.


Paul Thorn – About The Artist

Paul Thorn was born on 13th July 1964 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi, though, which I visited during my CMA Fest Trip in 2019. He originally felt to become a promising professional boxer and had a remarkable early record, before he finally went into music. Paul Thorn is majorly Americana rock and blues rock. Thorn’s major first step into a musical career was performing at a singer-songwriters night in 1997, in which some BMI representatives listened to his music. The same year, Paul Thorn released his debut album Hammer and Nail. However, it took Thorn until his seventh album, A Long Way from Tupelo in 2008, to reach chart placements with his long players. The album was Top 10 in the US Heat and peak 191th in the overall charts.

From that moment on, his releases regular listed in the US charts. Never Too Late To Call is the singer-songwriter’s 13th major released – the previous one was Don’t Let The Devil Ride in 2018. The press kit states that Thorn worked on this album for overall seven years.


Paul Thorn – Never Too Late To Call – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Two Tears Of Joy

Two Tears Of Joy feels more like tears than like joy to me. The sound of the song is just so sad. A very intense beginning, I really enjoy listening to these first three minutes of Never Too Late To Call.

2. It’s Never Too Late To Call

The sound of the title track is very similar to the opener – however, the track feels a bit more positive to me. Thorn beautifully directs the listener to listening to his voice. The acoustic guitar and the other instruments just do what is needed. Lovely sound, which might also be a good listen to country and folk music lovers. The song is about the late night calls with his sister Deborah, who died in 2018.

3. Sapalo

For this track, Thorn exchanged the acoustic guitar to the electric one. A nice Southern rock / Americana rock track, which has a really nice vibe and thus also gives a nice blues feeling.

4. Breaking Up For Good Again

The fourth track is definitely one of the highlights of the album. Paul Thorn’s wife Heather i joining his husband for Breaking Up For Good Again. Such a beautiful song full of harmony and love. May I be a bit of jealous while I listen to it?

5. What I Could Do

The album stays emotional: What I Could Do is a lovely, intimate ballad. Another song, which underlines the very intimate character of the songs on Never Too Late To Call. Again, there is just a little bit of acoustic guitar and some chords from the organ as well as scattered rhythm from the drums. This songs does not need any distraction from the story.

6. Here We Go

After this series of rather slow and thoughtful tracks, Here We Go has some very energetic moments. The chorus reminds me of of Bruce Springsteen songs – which simply means that Paul Thorn does country rock / Americana rock really well.

7. Apple Pie Moonshine

In some parts, Apple Pie Moonshine reminds me of a lullaby. On the one hand, the folk-style ballad has very slow, deep moments. But then, there are these easy parts, which feel so light and melodic. Love it.

8. Sapphire Dream

Sapphire Dream is the second family collaboration on the album. This time, Thorn is supported by his daughter Kitty Jones. You don’t only listen to her voice (which is a beautiful sound) in the song, she has also supported her father in songwriting. The result is a beautiful and touching collaboration.

9. You Mess Around Get A Buzz

Riffs from the very beginning of You Mess Around Get A Buzz. No doubt that this track is the one with the strongest rock vibe. At least the chorus is very straight – the verses also leave room to other instruments and the masters of rhythm to develop a cool sound.

10. Goodbye Is The Last Word

Goodbye Is The Last Word is one of these songs which just make me close my eyes and dive deep into the story of the song. Thus, if I am not just driving a car, please play the song with a decent blues touch and make me happy by listening to it.

11. Holy Hotty Toddy

The album closes with this old-style Southern rocker, which has a nice entertaining touch. The chorus is very present and melodic. Really nice finisher.


Paul Thorn – Never Too Late To Call – Spotify

Here is Never Too Late To Call on Spotify:


Paul Thorn – Never Too Late To Call – My View

Paul Thorn created a very intimate, personal beauty with Never Too Late To Call. The songs tell lovely stories – not only the collaborations with his wife and his daughter are great listens. His very sensitive and touching songwriting overall leads to a beautiful listen.


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