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Soccer Mommy - Karaoke Night




Soccer Mommy is a somehow memorable artist name, ain’t it? I don’t know if she has kids and if they are really in the European football, but the indie-rock artist established the last years in the Nashville music scene. On 22nd September 2022, she released an EP with cover songs, named Karaoke Night. Let’s see if it is a good sing-a-long with her.


Soccer Mommy – About The Artist

Soccer Mommy is the artist name of Sophia Regina Allison. The US-American singer-songwriter was, however, born in Zurich, Switzerland, on 27th May 1997, before she moved and grew up in Music City. She started to release music to Bandcamp rather early and formed her artist name in the mid-2010’s, when she also became a professional artist. She released a demo album, For Young Hearts, rather quickly after singing a record deal and even made it to the Top 10 of the US Heatseekers Album Charts. While the following album, Clean (2018), did not make it to the charts, the following two ones were very successful. Especially her most recent album release, the 2022 Sometimes, Forever did not only top the U.S. Heatseekers Charts, but was also a Top 15 release in ScotlandKaroke Night is already the fifth EP by Soccer Mommy. The most recent one, though, is dated as of 2017.


Soccer Mommy – Karaoke Night – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 23 minutes.

1. Here

Here is quite a classic, released by Pavement in 1992 on their Slanted & Enchanted album. You do feel a touch of Soccer Mommy in this cover, but overall the sound does not deviate too much from the original.

2. Soak Up The Sun

The second one is one of Sheryl Crow’s most well-known releases. The Soccer Mommy version is a bit more rocking in its style. But again, the cover is close to what Sheyl Crow did some twenty years ago.

3. Dagger

The EP is truly a Karaoke Night and not a Soccer Mommy does songs her way release. The Slowdive original definitely has more of this mystical deep atmosphere, compared to this version. But the Nashville artist sticks quite close to what the listener is used to. Nonetheless, it spreads Soccer Mommy vibes – and I like it.

4. I’m Only Me When I’m With You

What would a Nashville cover album be without Taylor Swift? This one is also pretty cool, also because I enjoy the vocal difference between this version and Taylor. You now have the option: do you want I’m Only Me When I’m With You in Soccer Mommy style or like Taylor does it?

5. Losing My Religion

R.E.M. had a couple of great hits, but to me, this will be their all-time greatest. In the very final song, Soccer Mommy deviates much more from the original than in the four tracks before. I feel it is great. The spotlight on the lovely emotions of the song just comes from a very different angle and gives this song a very own touch.


Soccer Mommy – Karaoke Night – Spotify

Here is the Karaoke Night on Spotify:


Soccer Mommy – Karaoke Night – My View

I’m sure that Soccer Mommy fans will love these five songs. She is doing some really nice classics of music in her Karaoke NightLosing My Religion adds a very personal touch to this EP, which I absolutely enjoy. Not a must-listen, but I like it!

Favorite Song: Losing My Religion


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