Callie Twisselman – Closure EP

Callie Twisselman - Closure



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice vocals
  • Good songs, but with potential to improve

One of these things I really still don’t get: checking the new releases of the week, I ran into Callie Twisselman’s debut EP Closure. I was just about to stop preparing for this review, as I simply could not find a proper quality version of the EP cover – just cannot understand how artists treat the key visual of their releases. The music is much better and I finally made it – so enjoy my review.


Callie Twisselman – About The Artist

The bio of her homepage start with the words Growing up on her family’s seventh-generation grain and cattle ranch in California… Indeed, that’s the basis for a country music singer – especially as her mother also had some local gigs into the genre. She also got two brothers and one sister.  She moved to Nashville in 2017 to pursue a musical career. Two Hands, the opening track of this EP, has been her debut single.


Callie Twisselman – Closure – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 16 minutes

1. Two Hands

The song had quite massive success. Almost 400k streams on Spotify so far is definitely a nice stat. The key reason is that the song is just coming with a great groove. It is very catchy and feels to be a familiar and good listen from the very beginning. Really good.

2. Cowboy

The second song, Cowboy is very focused on Twisselman’s high voice. I like the stomping rhythm of the track in the chorus. A song which might make people move to the rhythm. Nice one.

3. Closure

The third song is the title track. Twisselham is stating I could use a little closure in this one. Not really a ballad, but the track comes with a nice personal spirit. Good listen.

4. Missing You

Missing You is a real ballad. I love to listen to her voice in these more quiet moments – which applies to Closure as well as to Missing You. The song comes with a lovely arrangement, including a nice guitar solo.

5. Easy Boy

Even though Easy Boy comes with a nice groove, I feel that this track is rather the weak spot of the Closure EP. It’s more about the substance of the song itself – I feel that Carrie Twisselman does a really nice vocal performance in this song.


Callie Twisselman – Closure – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Callie Twisselman – Closure – My View

Closure is a really solid debut EP. It has one great song with Two Hands and showcases that Callie Twisselman has quite a bunch of talent. The next steps will show whether she can stand the continuous pressure to deliver good music in Nashville. There is the potential, but the EP also leads to a list of necessary future improvements.


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