Dillon Carmichael – Hot Beer EP

Dillon Carmichael - Hot Beer



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great lyrics (some of them make you laugh)
  • Very entertaining six songs

After two successful singles, which both had several million streams on Spotify only, Dillon Carmichael is back his first ever EP. It is simply called Hot Beer – let’s see if the music is as hot as the title. The EP has been released on 14th May 2021.

Dillon Carmichael – About The Artist

Dillon Carmichael is a country music artist from Burgin, Kentucky. There was quite some musical talent in his family – two of his uncles were work as singers as well. He is nowadays in his mid-20s, but started to do music right before his teenage years. His debut album Hell of an Angel, released 2018, already received quite good critics. The key track has been Dancing Away With My Hearts. Likely, his most successful song so far is the 2020 I Do It For You, which has been especially successful in airplay.


Dillon Carmichael – Hot Beer – Track by Track

The six tracks EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Hot Beer

I’d rather drink a hot beer
Build a fire in the pouring rain
Burn all my fishing gear
Then set sail in a hurricane
Go hunting with an empty gun
And see a once in a lifetime deer
Work a Saturday just for fun
Then come home a drink a hot beer

The opening title track is quite a low bolt right into the heart of a girl… In fact, the song is a lovely and powerful breakup topic. Great listen.

2. Big Truck

She says she loves me for my big heart and my silver belt buckle
My triple-x jean jacket when she likes to cuddle
My big bear hugs she can’t get ‘er arms around
I bought a big ol’ diamond and she shows it ’round town
She swears she loves the big dreams I keep in my head
And my 14 double-e boots under her bed
Naw she won’t admit it but I’m tellin’ ya what
Sometimes I think she only loves me
For my big… truck

I enjoyed the lyrics of the first song – I party to the lyrics of Big Truck. Not the most special melody ever written in country music history – but this song is just made to dance, party… and smile. The song has been released as a single at the EP release date – I am sure people will love it.

3. Lucky Man

The mid-tempo track is praising life – even in the bad and depressing moments. Really nice, very personal track, love to listen to it.

4. Somewhere She Ain’t

The lyrics are definitely the key factor, why this EP is a good one. In Somewhere She Ain’t, Carmichael just wants to run away from all the feelings after a breakup – but all the places and directions he has in mind somehow lead to memories related to his ex. Lovely.

5. Since You’ve Been In It

There are also lyrics on this EP, which are entertaining without a sense of humor or irony – Since You’ve Been In It is one of them. A lovely musical love letter.

Your eyes, your smile, your touch, your kissin’
Girl, you knocked me dead, put some life in my livin’
My truck, my bed, my heart, my head
There’s only one way to spin it
But my world’s been better since you’ve been in it

6. Sawin’ Logs

I got this hickory bundle
And this fancy box of wine
Done went through all kinds of trouble
Just to get home and find
Her passed out on the couch
Buzzing like an old chain saw
This ain’t good, no
I’ve got wood
And she’s sawin’ logs

There are these kind of topics which should definitely be covered more in music – not only in country songs. Ain’t there something more frustrating than coming home, looking forward to some quality time with your beloved one… and the sound from the sleeping room does cross your plans? Not the ones with another lover (there are plenty of songs about that, I guess) – but I feel much more romance is killed by the sound of snoring. Dillon Carmichael agrees to that – and put it in a song. I have a great laugh – and listen to a good song at the end of this EP.


Dillon Carmichael – Hot Beer – Spotify

Here is Hot Beer on Spotify:


Dillon Carmichael – Hot Beer – Track by Track

Thank you for this entertaining time, Dillon Carmichael. I absolutely loved the six songs of Hot Beer. Definitely, this EP is striking due to its great lyric work – the stories are really well written, some with a hilarious sense of humor and irony. The melodic side might not be that outstanding – but it is definitely more than sufficient to have a great listen. That’s for a sure a great tune to cheer you up. Absolutely recommend it! Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2021

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