Holly Humberstone – Work in Progress EP

Holly Humberstone - Work in Progress



4.0/5 Pros

  • Beautiful songs
  • Nice variety Cons

  • Rather on the short side

Holly Humberstone has been featured multiple times on in recent times. For example, I shared her debut album Paint My Bedroom Black with you in October 2023. Now, she is releasing Work in Progress, which is labeled as a single release on Spotify, but is in fact a four track EP. Here is my review.


Holly Humberstone – About The Artists

1999-born Holly Humberstone is a British pop singer-songwriter from Grantham. She released two EPs in 2020 and 2021, before sharing Paint My Bedroom Black. The album peaked fifth in the British charts. There is more bio in the review of that album.


Holly Humberstone – Work in Progress – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 15 minutes.

1. Dive

The opener is the only song which has been shared by Holly Humberstone before the EP release. The song is a singer-songwriter pop track, which has a touch of folk music as well. Together with the high voice by the English artist, the song reminds me of a bit of Kacey Musgraves new album Deeper Well.

2. Work In Progress

The title track of the EP has been released as a single in parallel. Again, Holly Humberstone presents a rather personal, thoughtful song with a rather deep atmosphere. I simply enjoy listening to these kind of songs by the young artist.

3. Down Swinging

After two rather deep songs, Down Swinging comes with a catching rhythm and thus creates a very different atmosphere. Nonetheless, the song feels thoughtful and thin at all. I also like the brass part in the bridge.

4. Easy Tiger

The closing track Easy Tiger has comes in a rather folk-alike style. Thus, the song spreads some typical singer-songwriter vibes. However, there are also very atmospheric parts in the background. Another really nice listen.

Settle down now, easy tiger
It’ll all be over soon
Mm, put your feet up on the dashboard
And we’ll ride this out together


Holly Humberstone – Work in Progress – Spotify

Here is work in progress on Spotify:


Holly Humberstone – Work in Progress – My View

Work in Progress is a short, but well-made release by Holly Humberstone. Especially Down Swinging adds a very different vibe to the release. A nice way to remind her fans of recent memories – her European tour is just coming to an end.


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