Clicks – G.O.T.H.

Clicks - G.O.T.H.



2.6/5 Pros

  • Nice electronic sounds and a wide range of samples
  • A nostalgic touch of the 1980's Cons

  • The songs are quite similar

The album G.O.T.H. by the Polish project Clicks is one of these albums I just ran into while scanning promotion platforms for future new releases. I just felt it could be interesting to have a listen into that electro / synth pop sound, so that I finally decided to share my thoughts with you. The album will be released on 16th April 2021.


Clicks – About The Artists

Clicks is in fact a one man project from Lodz. The man behind the project is called Kr-Lik – his civil name is Wojciech Krol. The debut album of the project was Glitch Machine, which has been released in 2016 already. The style of Clicks is thereby orienting on the Electronic Body Music / EBM, a genre which started to grow in the 1980’s and then more and more faded in the early 1990’s.


Clicks – G.O.T.H. – Track by Track

The thirteen tracks of the album last 53 minutes.

1. First World Problems

First World Problems feels like a dark version of the Pet Shop Boys to me. The song comes with a wide arrangement, which is providing the electric vibe for a dance – and the pop-ish lyrics. Look forward to this musical experience, which is definitely a new one to me.

2. Connection

Connection starts to me like an 1980’s video game soundtrack. Even though vocals and a wider sound is added to the sound, the song keeps that touch. A bit too much looping the same sound again and again. Music, which I can much better imagine to listen to in a club than at home.

3. Clicks. Dead

Like Connection, the third track is about 4:30 minutes long. The rhythm is this time a clapping sound, on which Clicks put some samples. The voice reminds me of some Blue System songs in here.  The sound of this project is indeed special – but the more you listen to it, the more you find things you really enjoy.

4. Dropdead

Dropdead is the first track on album I simply have to state that I cannot relate to. Sorry! I feel it is too monotonous and does not add too many new sounds to the album.

5. Every Bloated Muscle

If Clicks do music like in Every Bloated Muscle (an homage to the EMB genre in general), I really enjoy listening to these tunes from Lodz. Of course, it comes with a strong touch and the looped lyrics like Move your body Move your Soul does not really lead to a depth in the song, but it is fun. The rhythm makes you move. Not too bad.

6. I Dream (Album Version)

The single edit of I Dream has been one of the singles of this album so far. No doubt, this is one of the better songs of the album. Again, I like this gaming soundtrack touch of the song, which is coming with quite melodic samples.

7. It’s All About You

I highly appreciate that It’s All About You comes with a bunch of lines of lyrics. Unfortunately, I struggle with the very distorted sound of the vocals on the other side – but that is for sure a matter of taste. Electronic museum fans will like this one, I feel.

8. Mr. Nevergonnabe

The Nevergonnabe in this track following by the screaming Let’s Start! almost feels scary in this track. I like that style, The song is good for a dance on the one hand, but still comes with synth, samples and all that electronic stuff.

9. Past Of My Past

Are we playing a shooter here? The sound of Past Of My Past remind me of gaming hits like the R-Type series. Unfortunately, I feel that the song is overall too extreme and mixes too many elements.

10. Story

This Story has a touch of some Andreas Dorau songs to me – and I really like this guy. Nonetheless, the album has a tough task to persuade me now. I just don’t find too many new, surprising elements.

11. The Clicks In Me

The Clicks In Me come with some more sounds and tunes. It is definitely a nice variety to the songs before. But latest when the vocals starting, I just don’t explore too many catching elements which turn individual tracks into special ones.

12. Fever

I like Fever towards its end. It becomes quite melodic and I like the contrast between the synth sounds and the vocals.

13. Themostimportantperson

That’s how a love song sounds as an electro track. Again, not too poorly done, but too close to other songs.


Clicks – G.O.T.H. – Spotify

Here is G.O.T.H. on Spotify:


Clicks – G.O.T.H. – My View

I feel that Kr-Lik definitely demonstrates his skills on the electronic music side with G.O.T.H.. There are new sounds, new samples – but overall, I don’t see too many more elements, a surprising plot or anything which could really keep me entertained for almost an hour. Yes, I am not too much into that genre, but I do love songs of that era, for sure. Overall, this album just cannot make it to the top rankings in my point of view.


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