Ida Mae – Click Click Domino

Ida Mae - Click Click Domino



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very good musical quality
  • Very versatile songs
  • Good collaborations with guest musicians

Second album of their career: after their 2019 album Chasing Lights, Ida Mae are back with a new album on 16th July 2021. The title is Click Click Domino. I received the album via a promoter and felt it is a good album to share and discuss. Here is my review.


Ida Mae – About The Artist

Idea Mae is a British alternative folk duo from Norfolk. Christopher Turpin and Stephanie Jean Turpin are married and relocated to Nashville in the meantime. After some singles, the band released Chasing Lights in 2019, which was a huge success. In 2020, they added the five track EP Raining For You, which contained two very successful songs again: Deep River (featuring Marcus King) and Raining For You have both streamed more than half a million times on Spotify only. The band is very active on stage and is touring the US and UK mainly. Click Click Domino is their second album.


Ida Mae – Click Click Domino – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 54 minutes

1. Road To Avalon

The opening track starts rather slowly, but gains more and more power during its 4:37 minute playtime. Nice way to create atmosphere on this first track. The song leaves a couple of options which road this album is finally traveling.

2. Click Click Domino (feat. Marcus King)

The title track is one of the most memorable tracks of the album to me. The collaboration with Marcus King leads to a country rock touch, but the song also maintains the folk music roots of Ida Mae. The sound also feels a bit of old school, but not old-fashioned. Impressive groove. Cool song.

3. Line On The Page

Three songs with three very different characters at the beginning of the album. Line On The Page is a beautiful ballad, driven by gentle guitar riffs in the background and majorly by the voice of Christopher Turpin, who is harmonically supported by his wife. Lovely listen.

4. Raining For You

Raining For You is a bit of stronger in country music alike elements. The song is rather slow, but has more rock power than Line On The Page. Again, the (electric) guitar is the leading instrument in that comparably short track – with 3:04 minutes, it is the fastest musical message on the album.

5. Little Liars

Little Liars is like a vocal showcase for Stephanie Jean Turpin. The song, which is driven by a synthesizer, but also the drum machine, has a touch of a synth pop track. Very nice groove created by the bass and some rather exotic instruments – overall a very impressive and dramatic sound in this song.

6. Deep River (feat. Marcus King)

Deep River is a song for listeners who love traditional country sound and bluegrass. After rather thoughtful and dream-ish songs, Deep River is quite straight-forward again and sets a rather high speed and rhythm.

7. Heartworn Traders

Click Click Domino had already so many different track so far, a piano-driven ballad is definitely so suprise. The collaboration of the two Turpins on the vocal side is amazing and just feels to get better when the seventh song on the album becomes louder and more soulful. Very good track.

8. Calico Coming Down

Calico Coming Down has a very dramatic, almost threatening touch. A nice folk track with country elements – one of these kind of songs which ask for a few listens before you really enjoy them.

9. Learn To Love You Better

Ida Mae chose Learn To Love You Better as one of their single releases. The song also uses some electronic sounds, but I love the collaboration of the electric guitar sounds with the mandolinetto – quite a contrast, but somehow cool.

10. Long Gone and Heartworn (feat. Jake Kiszka)

For the tenth songs, Chris and Stephanie Turpin invited Jake Kiszka from the US rock band Greta Van Fleet. No doubt, this leaves a really cool electric guitar footprint on this song. Cool blending of folk, country and rock sounds.

11. Mountain Lion Blues

Mountain Lion Blues is another really cool listen. The song is a lovely blues track, but also has this touch of folk and bluegrass. Very distorted guitar sounds give a very archaic touch. Great work on the chords of the six-string, for sure-

12. Sing a Hallelujah

Sing a Hallelujah comes with blues and soul elements. A very slow song, which again is nicely driven by guitar and bass play.

13. Has My Midnight Begun

This closing song of the album is some five minute. Again, Ida Mae proof their lovely way to create a nice atmosphere in their song. Musical precision and excellence to say good-bye from their second long-player.


Ida Mae – Click Click Domino – Spotify

Here is Click Click Domino on Spotify:


Ida Mae – Click Click Domino – My View

Ida Mae do a really cool blend of different genres. Click Click Domino is majorly driven by their sheer musical talent and by their great ability to create musical atmosphere. Rhythmic tracks with stomping drums, hard guitar riffs and very quiet moments are on this entertaining album. Very good listen.


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