Ashland Craft – Travelin’ Kind

Ashland Craft - Travelin' Kind



4.6/5 Pros

  • Amazing voice
  • Very entertaining album with a nice range of songs

Debut album by Ashland craft: after the female country singer grew quite a fan base by a strong TV talent show performance, she finally publishes her first long-play recording. The title of the 3rd September 2021 release is Travelin’ Kind.


Ashland Craft – About The Artist

Ashland Craft is a country music artist from South Carolina. She was born on 30th April 1996. Craft stepped into the spotlight of public attendance, when the she reached the Top 10 of NBC’s the Voice in 2017 (13th season) as part of Team Miley. After the show, she regularly released music. However, Travelin’ Kind is her debut album.


Ashland Craft – Travelin’ Kind – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Travelin’ Kind

The album definitely starts in a very promising way: the title track comes with a powerful voice, a lot of electric guitar power, but also classic country sounds. Great song!

2. Your Momma Still Does

Your Momma Still Does is one out of three songs, which have already made it as a single release. In contrast to the hot starter Travelin’ Kind, this one is a rather gentle song. Sometimes, the guitars do break out and play some forceful riffs – or Craft is pushing her voice to the really raspy tunes. The latter parts are really impressive – but overall, the track is a good one.

3. Leavin’ You Again

I already talked about Ashland Craft’s voice – and in this song, she is even pushing this energetic country powerhouse to more force. That’s definitely a voice you do remember – and it is a really good one. Again, the song sounds very modern, but there are also fiddle parts in it.

4. Make It Past Georgia

Regarding streams, Make It Past Georgia has been the most successful pre-release of the album. The song has a lot of raspy voice elements, which just create a unique sound. The verses, however, are very melodic. The overall impression is a rather moderately loud mid-tempo song – even though her voice and the guitars are going for the powerful sounds in the chorus. Cool one.

5. Last 20 Dollars

What a great vibe. The bass is just producing the right groove to you move – but there are so many instruments in this rich song. Again, you will spot a lot of traditional country music elements in these Last 20 Dollars, but the song feels very present and modern. Good one.

6. Highway Like Me (feat. Marcus King)

Highway Like Me is supported my Marcus King, who is such a frequent guest in other artists’ publications. The song is a beautiful country music ballad. Definitely one of the best tracks of the album to me – her voice is just such a blast in this slow and intimate atmosphere.

7. Mimosas in the Morning

Mimosas – or champagne with orange juice.. You just need to have a song with a strong alcoholic reference in any country album, don’t you? Very good song again, a very straight and present track.

Yeah, we both know this ain’t no whiskey conversation
Every second you ain’t kissin’ me is time we’re wastin’
And if we’re still feelin’ like we’re feelin’ tonight
When we’re sober, we can talk it over
Mimosas in the mornin’

8. Day By Day

The first verses of Day by Day feels a bit of slow, the chorus slightly lifts this impression. But overall, it is a quite pleasing song, which is also staying in mind quite well due to its very straight country music melody.

9. Letcha Fly

In contrast to the songs before, Letcha Fly feels almost a bit of like a pop song. The song is just a bit of repetitive, but overall, I enjoy listening to it.

10. Come Down

Rather slow with a really intense vibe – if you need to have a slower dance, but still want to party and not to snuggle, go for Come Down. A great voice, a lovely groove. This one just makes you move.

11. That’s the Kinda Place

The album finishes with another really good song. The elements are the same like in other songs – how could an absolutely solid melodic performance, nice lyrics and that voice go wrong? Hard to imagine. Thus, Travelin’ Kind closes with a great feeling.



Ashland Craft – Travelin’ Kind – Spotify

Here is Ashland Craft’s debut album on Spotify:


Ashland Craft – Travelin’ Kind – My View

I guess there won’t be too many surprises about my final view on Travelin’ Kind. Ashland Craft is just gifted with a very characteristic voice. She obviously has a good team of co-writers, producers etc. around her. This album is heading for really good reviews from the very beginning. And you just don’t feel a potential that you deviate from that route. The result is a really good review, what else? I definitely recommend a listen!


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