Perlregen – Drei

Perlregen - Drei



4.6/5 Pros

  • Nice, deep lyrics
  • Great vocal performance
  • 15 tracks / long playtime

Friday, the 13th: I am sure that Perlregen, did not think that their new album Drei (meaning (“Three”) could turn into a desaster when they chose the publication date. Spotify names the album 3 (in contrast to the promo I got). I definitely have been curious about the release by the German pop music duo, who published the album on 13th August 2021.


Perlregen – About The Artist

Perlregen are Martina Schlaucher and Thomas Lapp. Schlaucher worked as a pop singer-songwriter perfore, Thomas Lapp was her producer. Their first album release was Meine Welt (“My World”) in 2018. About a year ago, in August 2020, they added Zu Zweit. Not that surprisingly, Drei is their third album. The band name means something “Rain of Pearls”.


Perlregen – Drei – Track by Track

The fifteen tracks album lasts 52 minutes.

1. Bis ich fliegen kann

Ich geb nicht auf, bis ich fliegen kann – “I am not giving up before I can fly”. The album starts with a dreamish, but very catching message. Really nice opening track.

2. Open End

A very similar sound in Open End, which has been a single release by the duo as well: The song is rather slow, but comes with a very intense atmosphere. Especially the chorus just makes you listen to their music, which comes with a quite handmade sounding background music. Very nice lyrics as well.

3. Du veränderst mich

Du veränderst mich (“You change me”) has a stronger pop touch. The song is more rhythmic and also comes with typical pop backing vocals. Still, Martina Schlaucher is doing a great and intense work on the vocal side. Cool.

4. Mehr von mir

Also with this fourth track, the album is point in a more traditional happy pop directions. Good vibes, which make me smile during listening.

5. Fängst Du mich auf

The song almost starts with an oriental touch, but then rather goes back to the deep atmosphere of the first songs. Thereby, the song is driven by very rhythmic parts.

6. Wir waren noch Kinder

Wir waren noch Kinder means “We have been children”. Great idea to add a children’s choir for that one in the background of the song. A bit of schlager touch in here – but overall, the song is definitely a beauty.

7. Echtsein

Welcome back, there is a new challenge we do for completion. Please accept this challenge now are the first words of the song, in the style of a computer voice. The song is about digital life – but it critically deals with social media and current virtual living. One of the best songs of the album to me.

8. Glaspalast

Glaspalast is a pop ballad with an amazing chorus. Great lyrics as well.

In Deinem Glaspalast
Wo es keine Steine gibt
Und Du manchmal vergisst
dass ein kleiner Riss
eine Welt
in tausend Scherben zerbricht

(“In you glass palace
Where there are no stones
And you sometimes forget
That a small crack
may break a world
into one thousand shards”)

I am just in love about Martina’s vocal performance in this song.

9. Still um Dich

Another sad and deep topic. The melancholic Still um Dich (“Quiet around you”) is a song about hiding your feelings and problems from others. Very intense listen.

10. Noch einen Moment

Noch einen Moment (“One more moment”) is another Perlregen single release. Again, the duo created a beautiful, easy, almost fairy tale alike chorus, which is quite contrasting to the rather slow and dark sound of the verses.

11. Ich frag mich wo Du bist

This song was the first single release of the Drei album. Perlregen are dealing with the insecurities after the Covid-19 crisis. When will they be back on stage? Will the fans still love them? A beautiful way to raise these questions.

12. Wunderkerzen

Wunderkerzen is coming with a a touch of electronic pop to me. Especially the chorus feels to have that dance floor ease. Not my favorite, but not a too bad song as well.

13. Egoist

Egoist is almost an angry song. Perlregen states that everyone is equal and there is no right to feel superior to other people.

14. Wir kommen und gehen

I just cannot deny, this track is catching me from the very first moment. It is not as deep as other songs of the album, but it is really a nice piece of pop music entertainment.

15. Vorbei

The album closes with a rather melancholic track. A song that at a certain point, you just have to separate from other people. Over and out. Like this album.


Perlregen – Drei – Spotify

Here is Drei on Spotify:



Perlregen – Drei – My View

I really love the style of Drei. You got fifteen pop songs, most of them coming with really serious topics and deep thoughts. Great to listen to – the duo just did a lovely job (especially Martina for her magic vocal performance). They deserve the Top Pick! banner on top of this posting.


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