Börni – Two Truths

Börni - Two Truths



3.7/5 Pros

  • Wide range of pop songs
  • Overall, a good and versatile listen Cons

  • Weaker first half of the album
  • Too few very good catching songs

It is twelve years ago since Börni released her last album. However, the Swiss artist gained some focus on my website being featured in my Songs of the Week postings several times. The more I was looking forward to her 21st October 2022 release, two Truths. Here is my review.


Börni – About The Artist

The civil name of Börni is Bernadette Höhn. The Swiss artist is also known as Börni Höhn or Vava Voom. Her first time being better known to public was in 2007, when the 11th August 1986-born artist reached the semifinals of the Swiss TV talent show MusicStar. Despite being eliminated, the Zurich artist received a record deal and released the album Fighter in 2008, which finally peaked 12th in the Swiss charts and stayed there for twelve weeks. Two years later, the sophomore release Plan B could not connect to it.


Börni – Two Truths – Track by Track

The sixteen track album lasts 54 minutes.

1. My Favorite

To do it quick: the opener My Favorite is definitely not one of my favorites of the album. The Song is a feels a bit too slow and repetitive to me. No thrill music at the beginning of an album, of which I expected quite some exciting moments.

2. Levels Lo

The second Levels Lo is already a much better listen in my point of view. The song has a nice groove – and even though it might not be a powerful blast, it has definitely the potential to catch you and make you move. A nice track for hip hop lovers as well.

3. Overdose

Overdose is one of three single releases of the album so far. The is a nice synth-pop song with a nice melody and a present chorus. Good listen.

4. Real Fame

Real Fame reminds me of Levels Lo. The song has a nice groove and works a lot with electronic and hip hop elements. The song feels to be a bit of arbitrary and could develop a stronger character – this unfortunately limits my sympathy towards this listen.

5. Come My Way (feat. Page Brothers)

Adding the Page Brothers to this track, Come My Way, has definitely been a nice move. The sound feels wider and more present, the joined vocal force works very well, too.

6. Eternal Pride

Eternal Pride is an electronic track with a nice present rhythm. Nice melodic work, the vocals feel a bit thin compared to the sound and groove of the song. Nonetheless, the track is a good listen and works well for the Swiss artist.

7. See You At the Top

The seventh track See You At The Top surprisingly opens with guitar sounds, but then going back to a hip hop-pop style. The song is one of the best non-single releases of the album to me, as it has a nice cheekiness and energy.

8. Ghost

Ghost is one of the core tracks of the album. The song also illustrates the versatility of the artist, Börni rather sounds like an alternative musician in here. Good sound with airplay qualities.

9. Read My Heart

Better read my heart before you sign the dotted line is the phrase which is welcoming the listener to this song – and finally also develops the main theme of the song. A very good track, which nicely creates a groovy pop sound.

10. Do It Anyway

‘Cause I gonna do it anyway – the sulky phrase is opening for the chorus in this song. Very modern pop track with a nice vibe – this section is definitely the heart and the engine of Börni’s 2022 album.

11. On the Other Side

The eleventh song nicely connects to the songs before: an energetic and present chorus, which stays in your mind. The verses might be less memorable, but overall this rather short song gets its job done.

12. Vertigo

Vertigo feels a bit weaker. The very high melody line in the chorus does not have as much aura as the songs before. The background melody in the verses is nice, though.

13. Colors

No matter if you love or hate the sound of Börni, you just cannot say that she is offering you very similar and monotonous listens. Colors comes with a acoustic guitar chords and her voice. An almost fragile listen, which is definitely a special song on this album.

14. Fight for Love

Fight for Love still has the ballad touch of the song before, the melodic and rhythmic are significantly more involved in this song, though. This leads to a nice slow pop track, which I could imagine to be a good next choice for a radio single.

15. Test Drive

This Test Drive has a nice indie-pop/rock melody and stays in your mind with a very present rhythm. The recording feels a bit of old-school – but it is a nice one.

16. I’m Alive

The album closes with its best song, I’m Alive. Thus, the Swiss is making sure that we finish listening to her with a smile – if we don’t go for a repeat.


Börni – Two Truths – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Börni – Two Truths – My View

Two Truths has too many at most average moments to be a really great album, but I like it. The Zurich lady is offering us a nice range of songs, the second half the album is much better and memorable than the first part, though. in Zurich

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