Songs Of The Week (week of 11 August 2023)

I am still relaxing from all the trips I had during the last weeks. Nonetheless, things are just busy and I am already planning for some trips in early 2024. So far, I feel to be in Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and do my typical Pittsburgh Penguins trip between February and April 2024. And there will be the Rock of Ages tour 2024 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I still wait for more shows of my favorite musical worldwide next year to share the tour dates with you. Sounds like a nicely balanced early 2024 with a nice touch of rock – just like these Songs of the Week.


The Sonic Brewery – Mercury of Dreams

The Sonic Brewery are a German rock band, which is located not too far away from Munich. The song Mercury of Dreams is an initial teaser for their November 2023album Can’t Kill Rock’n’Roll. Great sound with a touch of the 1970’s.


Zyggi feat. Michael Voss – Wasted Time

Zyggi is the musical alter ego of Hamburg-based producer Uwe Ziegler. For his latest song release, he is joining forces with Michael Voss, who is not only a rather famous rock and metal guitarist, but also stepfather of German country artis Van de Forst. Very classic and straight rock sound with a nice guitar focus


Daughtry – Artificial

We stay in the rock genre, but cross the big blue ocean: Daughtry are an established act in the US-American rock music scene. A nice, modern rock track.


Statues of Fire – Refuse To Die

Harder rock, Southern hemisphere: The next song is RefuseTo Die by the punk / hardcore band Statues of Fire. Despite the band was originally been formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the are nowadays also very popular on European and North American stages.


The Buggs – Dr. Joe

The next song has been released by the German indie-rock and alternative band The Buggs this week. They are from Dusseldorf in the Rheinland area. Dr. Joe has areally nice and cool style to me. Enjoyable listen.


Liam Cromby – At This Table

Liam Cromby is a British pop singer-songwriter. Most of you might rather him as lead singer of We are the Ocean. The song is teasing additional solo songs, which will be released soon.


James Bay – Goodbye Never Felt So Bad

I guess you don’t introduce James Bay any more. And even though his latest releases are not even close to the volumes produced by Hold Back The River or the billion Spotify streams song Let It Go, he is still doing beautiful songs. Like his latest release, Goodbye Never Felt So Bad. 


Eske – Coldplay auf der Autobahn

As I strictly just deal with new single releases, I had to skip some songs I originally wanted to share with you as well. The fragile German pop sound of Eskeis a lovely listen. Beautiful lyrics and storytelling as well. One of my favorites this week.


Wilhelmine – Paula

Paula by Berlin based artist Paula is another nice German pop song. I really enjoy the modern, light vibe of this one.


Sophia Venus – Herzaugenblick

The only German schlager track this week is by Sophia Venus. The 29 year old artist from Pirna in East Germany released her Herzaugenblick. The sound is a rather typical, rhythmic one, but I feel that this one really has a nice catch.


Chef’Special – Miracles

The Dutch pop band Chef’Special is currently celebrating their 15th band anniversary. The quintet, which is originally from Haarlem, is quite a huge act in their home country. They already had two chart-topping albums. In 2021, the also had a Top 3 single for the first time. Very straight and nice listen.


YouNotUs, Shift K3Y, Norma Jean Martine – Coming Home

The last song of my list this week is the electro-dance track Coming Home, which is majrorly driven by the Berlin DJ and producer duo YouNotUs. The song is nicely staying in your mind, great listen.



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