Myrkvi – Early Warning

Myrkvi - Early Warning



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very unique and memorable sound
  • Good musical quality
  • Nice listens Cons

  • A bit of monotonous

About the album Early Warning, the Icelandic artist Myrkvi states on his website, It represents a conclusion to the duo’s past and the transition into something new. An introspective reflection of their 90s roots. The right-hand man, who is present on this album as well, is his countryman Yngvi Holm. The past, by the way, is their band Vio. They wrote the album for that project, but then turned it into this release. The beautiful melodies of the album caught me so that I felt to share this 27th October 2023 release with you.


Myrkvi – About The Artists

In the Icelandic language, myrkvi means darkness cause by natural phenomenons, e.g. an eclipse. However, it is also a typical Icelndic male first name. I could not find too much bio about the artst Magnus Örn Thorlacius, who is releasing music since 2014, at least. The same year, he won the Icelandic Battle of the Bands with the band mentioned above, Vio. The name seems to represent the artist as such as well as the duo.


Myrkvi – Early Warning – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 35 minutes

1. Early Warning

The opener is one of four songs, which have already been released before the album. Early Warning is a nice, very melodic poprock track, which is nicely driven by guitar sounds. Good listen.

2. Lunatic

The second track Lunatic is slower and also leading to a stronger folk music touch. The song starts rather quiet, but then also having louder parts. There is a strong usage of echo and reverb.

3. Miserable People

I really enjoy songs on the album like Miserable People. They are simply good listen and have a nice airplay potential. Nonetheless, the Icelandic cooperation created a very characteristic, a bit of dreaming sound in here. Good.

4. Hallucinations

In the fourth song, hallucinations are coming to you. Again, the song is nicely developing a main theme, the sound is gentle, comfortable. You simply enjoy listening to Myrkvi and Holm and their beautiful, atmospheric recordings. In this case, the ending of the Hallucinations indeed comes with a slightly psychedelic touch.

5. Self-Pity

After the dramatic plot and the mentally touching sound, Self-Pity is rather taking the rolw of an alternative pop-rocker. The song has a nice speed and drive. The vocal part alters from crystal-clear sections to slightly spherical tunes.

6. Overboard

Overboard reminds me of surfer pop songs. It is one of the most straight and easiest to listen to composition. Very enjoyable track.

7. Draumabyrjun

Dramabyrjun is not only special as it is sung in Icelandic, it also strikes with a really nice folk music touch. I love the beautiful guitar melodies in this recording. Even though I enjoy listening to the English lyrics of the other songs and get into their stories, I would see this one as my favorite listen.

8. Beaches

The eighth song does not have Beaches in its title, it also presents the beach and surf sound in the chorus. The stanzas, however, almost comes as spoken words, driven by the frequent, short guitar chords. Nice arrangement.

9. Blindfolded

The second last track is again very guitar-driven. There is even is small, but nice guitar solo in the middle of the track. The simple melody stays in your mind without being boring.

10. Postpone

With being just a bit longer than four minutes, the longest song of the album is closing Early Warning. The track is slower and again shows a rather warm and gentle melody, even though the bridge feels rather rocking. Nice finale.


Myrkvi – Early Warning – Spotify

Here is Easly Warning on Spotify


Myrkvi – Early Warning – My View

The songs all have a very similar style – but I just love listening to this Icelandic duo. Early Warning feels like a good friend and is spending a lot of positive energy. Beautiful recording.

Favorite Song: Draumabyrjun



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