Taylor Swift – Midnights

Taylor Swift - Midnights



4.6/5 Pros

  • A new level of Taylor's pop music recordings
  • 13 very versatile songs Cons

  • Not as catching as previous releases

If you are Taylor Swift, you can do different things: this time, we at least knew that a new album would be be out on 21st October 2022 with a longer notice. But even the big guns in music journalism did not know much more than the title and the general art work until about a week before release – and there have been no press or promo versions of Midnights as well. You had to wait until midnight to listen to midnight – regardless if you are a die-heart “Swiftie” or the Rolling Stone magazine. Here is my review of the album


Taylor Swift – About The Artist

Do I need to say anything about her? You find a lot of Taylor in other reviews on Maybe an interesting fact about Midnights is that the release date has been chosen intentionally – it is (almost) exactly ten years after the release of her massive success album Red.


Taylor Swift – Midnights – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 45 minutes. Remarkably, none of the tracks has been released before.

1. Lavender Haze

Will Taylor 2022 stay at pop music or rather move back to her country roots? If the opener Lavender Haze is the right hint, Midnights will be a treat rather for Taylor fans, who also loved 1989 or Lover.

2. Maroon

And I chose you
The one I was dancing with
In New York, no shoes
Looked up at the sky, and it was
The burgundy on my T-shirt
When you splashed your wine onto me
And how the blood rushed into my cheeks
So scarlet, it was
The mark you saw on my collarbonе
The rust that grew between tеlephones
The lips I used to call “home”
So scarlet, it was maroon

The second song again reminds me of songs like the ones on the Lover album. However, Maroon is not the song which catches you just by listening in the background. It not Welcome to New York or Blank Space, which is present from the very first second. Taylor Swift is telling her stories – and demands you to listen to them.

3. Anti-Hero

You just cannot say that there is no promotion campaign behind Midnights. For example, all lyrics are publicly available within minutes after the release. Taylor Swift is somehow the undisputed pop superstar of her times, she can do different. It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me she is stating in Anti-Hero, which is the first song of the album with a catch right from the beginning to me.

4. Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey)

Music top celebrities can work with other top class musicians – the collaboration of Taylor and Lana Del Rey reads promising without having heard a single tune of Snow On The Beach before. The two female pop artists majorly sing in parallel, which does not make the song feel that much like the duet. Lana Del Rey almost feels to do backing vocals for the protagonist here most of the time.

5. You’re On Your Own, Kid

You’re On Your Own, Kid is coming with an easy, but memorable melody, a lot of echo and electronic effects. A very personal song, which also references her eating disorder in lyrics like I hosted parties and starved my body. A bolstering song.

6. Midnight Rain

Songs like Midnight Rain nicely show how Taylor Swift is developing her sound into very different direction. The synth waves in the background and the mystical sound overall are a bit too much for me, though.

7. Question…?

Can I ask you a question?
Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room
And every single one of your friends was making fun of you
But fifteen seconds latеr, they were clapping, too?
Thеn what did you do?

The seventh song is amazingly focusing on the lyrics of this song, which is finally reflecting thoughts and experience many of her fans will be able to refer to. I am sure the Taylor Swift fans are celebrating this song.

8. Vigilante Shit

The song confused me at first listen, but I just needed a second and third try of this rather short recording. Finally, this song turns out to be a typical Taylor Swift song, very direct and personal song, which is about a situation everybody can somehow relate to – even when she states Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge.

9. Bejeweled

Best believe, I’m still bejeweled
When I walk in the room
I can still make the whole place shimmer
And when I meet the fan
They ask, “Do you have a man?”

The good thing about a Taylor Swift release is that minutes after an album has been released, you already find masses of reviews and thoughts about each individual songs. I read a lot of positive thoughts about Bejeweled – which likely majorly related to that Taylor is beautifully doing another “girl / young lady” story. Perfectly target-group-specific write – so that I also feel free to say that I cannot relate to this track that much.

10. Labyrinth

Four songs to go – and Taylor takes us to her 2022 Labyrinth. The slow song is a very intense track about emotional trouble. The chorus states Uh-oh, I’m falling in love again, while the verses tease the title – Lost in the labyrinth of my mind. Nice, intense listen.

11. Karma

After the very intense listen of LabyrinthKarma feels so loud, so intense. In fact, it is just a typical Taylor Swift pop song. This song has a huge potential for commercial success – even though the intensity and precision of the lyrics is less genius than in other writes of Midnights. 

12. Sweet Nothing

Sweet Nothing is a slow song with a very nice flow, which leads to a strong touch of intimacy. Nice track, which feels to be a bit of hidden behind all the powerful stories and melodies, though.

13. Mastermind

The electronic pop track Mastermind are the last moments Taylor Swift shares with us (unless you go for deluxe versions). Nice melody lines and good lyrics – just good to close this listen with a smile.


Taylor Swift – Midnights – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Taylor Swift – Midnights – My View

First of all, Midnights is a die-hard pop album. After all the hassle to re-record her very first long-plays, Taylor Swift is continuing her development where it has been interrupted. I definitely see that she is reaching another level and defines a new sphere of pop songs. To me, this sphere feels a bit distant. In addition, I wait for the transition of her topics. So far, most of followers will love these thirteen songs and it will be a great success. Well deserved, but Midnight does not catch me as much as other albums of her.


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