Songs Of The Week (week of 08 September 2023)

Wow – I had so many albums this week. Even if I skipped all travel posts and do the regular two post release per day, the whole week until next Friday wouldn’t have been enough to cover all potential new releases. On top of that, I have to full my backlogs, so that I can use that material during upcoming travels. The Songs of the Week this time feature a nice list of different artists from many countries – hope you enjoy that musical diversity.


Julia Kautz – Kaputt

Julia Kautz is a musician who is nowadays based in Munich, Germany, who is already very successful as a writer. However, in fact, she is Austrian artist. Kaputt is the title track of her upcoming debut album. Cool blend of pop and rock elements about the typical “Build To Destroy” topic.


Julian Pförtner – Downside Up

Julian Pförtner is the runner-up of The Voice of Germany 2022. After he had released a few songs before this TV appearance, Downside Up is in fact his first release after the show. Nice folk pop sound by the German artist from Heilbronn.


Tors – Miracle

The British band Tors already had some success with their first releases and sold out their UK Tour in June 2023. Now they release this lovely one – and are just about to tour Germany in the next weeks. Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne is on their list. Sounds like a cool evening.


Blanks – Not Scared Anymore

Blanks is an musician from the Netherlands. Like many artists nowadays, he kicked off his career on social media. His YouTube channel Music by Blanks has 1.3 million subscribers. Great pop song!


The Jeremy Days – For The Lovers

For The Lovers is a single release taken from the already released album Beauty in Broken. The German band is looking back to quite a long history. The Hamburg act formed in 1987, but broke up in 1996. In 2019, the band surprised with a comeback – and lovely songs like this one. They are kicking off their tour in late September.


Smash Into Pieces – Out of Here

The Swedish rock band Smash Into Pieces is also looking back to a quite long band history. This year, they celebrate their 15th band anniversary. The song is teasing a new album, which is expected to be released in fall.


The Rolling Stones – Angry

It almost feels pointless to talk about long-lasting band history, if you also feature these British guys. The song has been released in parallel with the announcement that the Stones are releasing their new album Hackney Diamonds on 20th October 2023. They simply know how to do rock music.


Anna Grey – Toxic Baggage

Anna Grey is a German artist, who moved to Nashville and Sweden to develop her musical skills. Initially, she rather released dance pop songs – nowadays, her sound is much wider. Toxic Baggage is a great example for that.


Levent Geiger – Deserve It

Levent Geiger sounds so much like a British act to me – in fact the multi-instrumentalist is German, though. The Munich-origin started to write songs at the age of ten and won some contests in teenage years already. Song like Bad Days (13m streams on Spotify) of this one underline Geiger’s great talent.


Roosevelt – Forevermore

German artist Roosevelt is already active since the early 2010’s. He has released three albums and six EPs so far. Forevermore comes with a cool synh-pop sound – Hope you enjoy it, too.


Thomas Meilstrup – Halfway There

This pop song by Danish artist Thomas Meilstrup is indeed starting with a bang – but also thereafter, the songs a nice catch. He is stating That’s how you want it in the lyrics – and I really enjoy it and like it that way.


Antonia Kubas – Unsere DNA

Antonia Kubas is opening a short section of schlager tracks. Antonia Kubas was initially one part of the dance pop duo Two in 1. Since then, she is doing a blending of pop and the German traditional genre. Good listen.


Luna Klee – Du fühlst Dich gut an

Luna Klee is releasing the opener of her 2022 debut album Mein Kopf, mein Bauch, mein Herz as a single his week. I really love listening to the young German artist, who also had some appearance in German main TV already.


Isabelle Gebhardt – Appletree

Musician, singer, vocal coach, working in different genres. In spring, she had some shows alongside Nicola Vinter, but her discography features a wide range of different sounds and genres. Appletree is a beautiful happy pop song.


Ellison – Lover

Ellison are a Norwegian duo, who are about to release their debut EPLover is a beautiful piece of indie-folk, which is definitely having a very promising sound.


Josh Island – How Does It Feel

Just nine days before he is releasing his debut album In My Head, Josh Island released this beautiful track on Wednesday of this music week. He is a truly European artist: born in Milton Keynes U.K., grown up in a Dutch family in the Netherlands and Germany and finally settled in Luxembourg. He will be touring in September and October as well.



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