My Latest Country Music Picks (9th October 2019)

In addition to the Country Music Playlists, I still want to focus on certain songs in the Country Music Picks as I did in the past. There were again some very interesting songs and new versions worth writing about the last weeks since the previous edition of my picks. This edition is also looking back to the three days at the British Country Music Festival and featuring some artists from the debut event in Blackpool.


Sarah Darling & Kenny Foster – Country Roads

Sarah Darling and Kenny Foster are two amazing people in the country music business. Both are featured artists of my website and friends in real life – and did a nice cover of John Denver’s good old country music classic. I love the new interpretation of the song – hope you do so, too!


Twinnie – Social Babies (Live from London)

I will deeply miss the dear and wonderful Twinnie on the Sound of Nashville Songwriters event in Frankfurt on 13th October 2019. The more I am proud of her, who is one of the Featured Artists of the website: first of all, because she is currently touring with Kiefer Sutherland – and secondly, because the re-recoding of Social Babies, which I had in my country picks in July already, is just amazing!


The Fatherline – Before The Trend Set In

Tim Prottey-Jones is one of the big musicians in the British country scene – and his new project The Fatherline impressed me as the opening gig on Day 3 of the British Country FestivalBefore The Trend Set In is one of their first songs – and I feel it is definitely worth listening to!


Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber – 10,000 Hours

Dan + Shay’s Tequila just made them storm the airplay charts in the US country music scene. Nevertheless, they feel to be the “minor act” in the collaboration, as in their new song, they are collaborating with Justin Bieber! Of course, this is a trio with massive commercial potential – but still a good country music song.


Riley Green – Numbers On The Cars

For the first time I am doing the Country Music Picks on, I just felt to nominate two songs of the same artist in the same edition, when I did the August one. On his just released album Different ‘Round HereI found this masterpiece, which was honestly even released before the album. It is about his grandfather, who is suffering dementia. One of the best songs I listened to during this year!


Keith Urban – We Were

It was likely the country music news of the last weeks that Keith Urban will make it to Europe in 2020 and even have five tour stops in Germany. His current single, We Were, will very likely be in the setlist as well – here is a special acoustic version.


Worry Dolls – Train’s Leaving

The Worry Dolls were one of the acts I got to learn during the British Country Music Festivals. Train’s Leaving in the version below is a very country-alike one, which I definitely enjoyed listening to.


David Hasselhoff – Rhinestone Cowboy

I really like David Hasselhoff’s recently published collection of cover songs, Open Your Eyes. He is even doing a die-hard country music song on the album, a version of Glen Campbell’s Rhinestone Cowboy. I just dare to put this song on my periodic lists. I think it is just not bad.


Uncle John – The Dildo Song

Last, but not least a song which is marked as Explicit on some portals. Very classic country sound about… Noooo, not what you think of! There is a city in Newfoundland which is named like that. Just had to make you smile with that.


TItle picture: Music Video Screenprint

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