Whiskey Myers – Tornillo

Whiskey Myers - Tornillo



4.5/5 Pros

  • Great blend of country, blues and rock
  • Very entertaining album

Tornillo is already the sixth studio album by Whiskey Myers. After their predecessor hit the top of the US Country Album Charts, I expected a really interesting listen when I received the album a few weeks before release. Here is my review of the twelve songs, which will be released on 29th July 2022.



Whiskey Myers – About The Artist

Whiskey Myers might feel like a solo artist name at first sight, but in fact, it is a country rock band. The band has been founded in Palestine in East Texas, USA. Cody Cannon is the lead vocalist and plays the acoustic guitar. John Jeffers and Cody Tate are additional guitarists (all kinds of guitar), in addition to Jeff Hogg (drums) Tony Kent (percussion / drums) and James Gleaves (bass). Cannon, Jeffers, Tate and Hogg are founding members of the band, who have already participated in the 2008 debut album Road of Life. The album has been released one year after the band has founded, but did not make it to any US charts. In 2011, the band released the second album Firewater, which already was Top 5 in the US Heat and placed 26th in the US Country Album Charts. The self-titled album Whiskey Myers was the most recent release of the band. Published in September 2019, it topped the US Country and US Heat Charts.

Whiskey Myers – Tornillo – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 52 minutes.

1. Tornillo

The first 48 seconds of the album are… Brass music. Enjoy a trumpet fanfare, but no country style rock. Makes you feel a bit of nervous that you in fact listen to the first album… But just confide in yourself and listen on.

2. John Wayne

Whiskey Myers give you back the right level of comfort from the early beginning: rocking guitars and great melody lines on the organ by Drew Harakal II. These five minutes heavily work with extended instrumental parts, which connect the vocal parts. I also like the scattered appearances by the background singers.

3. Antioch

Antioch comes with a very similar sound like the in-fact opener. The song has a nice groove, which makes it feel like a mixture of country rock and blues rock. Whiskey Myers uses a wide range of instrumentation for their song – strings, brass and a backing choir. Well invested, as all this leads into a very entertaining and fascinating listen.

4. Feet’s

And i’m for them lost souls the ones who don’t fit in
I’m for that old time country
I’m for the blue collar man
But I ain’t much on radio tunes I like smoke stack lightnin’
I keep my feets on the ground and my eyes on the horizon

So far, the album is such a fluent and great listen. Feet’s, the first song of the album which has not yet been released as a single, comes with so much power, a beautiful drive. The song catches you and make you enjoy it. Great work on the guitars!

5. Whole World Gone Crazy

But me I’m a try to get right with the man
Forgive me for me sins and what
I don’t understand
I’m just a good ol’ boy tryin to make ends meet
Is it me, or has
The whole damn world gone crazy

Apart from the intro Whole World Gone Crazy is the shortest recording of the album. The some three minute song is a bit slower. Even though it has a nice vibe, this fifth one is rather on the Southern rock side. Almost needless to say that even during these three minutes, the band is taking time for a powerful guitar solo.

6. For The Kids

What would be more suitable to spent the most time of the album For The Kids? At least, the sixth track of the album is the longest one of Tornillo (5:39 minutes). A slow track, melancholic, with very touching lyrics. Great write.

If we could stay together for the kids and a few more years
They might not end up like we did
Love has a way of losing its shine over time
You were young and so was I
We don’t have to be happy

7. The Wolf

Just two seconds difference: the second longest track is following right after For The Kids. Very rocking, Cody Cannon’s vocals even feel a bit more nostalgic and traditional to me than the anyway do in other tracks. Very good one.

8. Mission To Mars

The Mission To Mars opens the block of five songs which are new to Whisky Myers fans. Cannon is sounding almost a bit of a angry in this song here and there. The backing vocals remind me of soul songs. Nice one.

9. Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine feels very blues-alike, but also has a nice touch of funk. It is one of these songs I guess many listeners find something they really love: it is rocking, comes with the ease of pop and has a lovely groove. One of my favorites.

You hit me like a ton
Hit me like a ton of bricks
Darling your love is making me sick
I can feel it again you’re bad medicine

10. Heavy On Me

Heavy On Me is suprisingly gentle. The riffs are softer, the song is finer. Some parts of the song almost feel like an acoustic recording compared to the broad arrangements of the majority of tracks in here. This leads to an additional musical frosting on the Tornillo cake, which simply makes it more enjoyable.

11. Other Side

the second last song is also the last rocker on the album. The melodic line reminds me a bit of songs by Tom Petty – very catching and easy to keep in mind. Good one.

12. Heart Of Stone

The closer of the album is a slow acoustic guitar ballad, which just does not need too much more than the six-string and Cody Cannon on the microphone. Nice, emotional moment to leave the world of Tornillo.


Whiskey Myers – Tornillo – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Whiskey Myers – Tornillo – My View

Thanks for taking me to Tornillo, Whiskey Myers. I highly appreciated listening to these twelve songs, which have a very powerful arrangement and never feel to get boring. The album is a bit like an all-in-one-solution for fans of rock, Americana / Southern sounds and even soul lovers. This also guarantees that rather many people will smile while listening to this July 2022 publication.


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