Lordi – Humanimals (from: Lordiversity)

Lordi - Humanimals



4.5/5 Pros

  • Great adoption of the glam rock / 1980's stadium rock topic
  • A couple of really great songs
  • A lot of material for cool concert parties Cons

  • Some weaker spots

The fifth Lordiversity album Humanimals is showing Lordi in their comfort zone: the album is dedicated to glam rock, hard rock and melodic metal. A highlight of the seven album release as at 26th November 2021? Here are my thoughts.

Lordi – Humanimals – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. SCG Minus 3: Scarctic Circle Telethon

A touch of Jesus he knows me by Genesis in this opener: a TV priest is asking the people to hold their hands on the TV screen. This time, it’s not in the name of Jesus, but in the name of Lordi.

2. Borderline

That’s the 1980’s. Borderline has been one of the songs which have been pre-released as Lordiversity appetizers – and it still gives you a good feeling that this album might be a really good one. Feels so much Lordi, but still in that concept zone. Let’s see, how Humanimals will continue.

3. Victims Of The Romance

The smile stays on. The song has a the typical Lordi power, the melodic structure could be a Europe or Bon Jovi 1980’s song as well. We definitely missed this song in any 1980’s stadium rock concert!

4. Heart Of A Lion

Might as well jump? No! This is not Van Halen’s Jump, even though the keyboard part and the monotonous guitar work in the background makes you feel you are in a new (better?) version of the 1980’s classic. Again, a song which is very rocking, has some pop touch and just goes straight in your music heart. Great one.

5. The Bullet Bites Back

You bite the bullet
And the bullet bites back
Like A Viper attack
Can’t get away from that.

A bit of mystical in the verses and a powerful, melodic chorus – the fifth track of Humanimals still does not give you a chance to loose that smile in your face. Especially in the chorus that the style of the album is simply a perfect match with the talents of the most beloved musical monsters.

6. Be My Maniac

Okay, dear monsters, this one just has to be on the next tour’s set list. It might not be the best song of this album, but there is so much party potential. Look forward to jell these words when I see them again in Cologne. Great song.

7. Rucking Up The Party

The virtual stadium rock party goes on. One song after another is simply made to have fun with these guys. The chorus of Rucking Up The Party is simply having too much fun potential.

8. Girl In A Suitcase

Many songs of these albums almost feel like tributes to big names and bands of the respective genres. Girl In A Suitcase just feels quite strongly the the 1980’s songs of a band lead by this John Francis Bongiovi Jr. guy from New Jersey. It does not feel like cheap copies of legendary songs at any part of Lordiversity – this is also one very special feature about this box collection.

9. Supernatural

That’s their musical living room. That’s where the monsters are good – that’s Lordi doing Lordi stuff – with a quite increased key / synth effort, maybe. Supernatural is straight, catching, melodic hard rock. And when Mr. Lordi is finishing the chorus with I am supernatural, you more and more feel that he is right.

10. Like A Bee To The Honey

The song has been a 2020 single release already – Like A Bee To The Honey just feels like a perfect fit to the Humanimal world.

11. Humanimal

The almost four minute title track feels like the perfect farewell song from Humanimal. Time to head to the next stage of the Lordiversity (or just take another set here and push for the repeat – you’ve been too good in this album, guys). Slow, impressive hymnic sound.


Lordi – Humanimals – Streaming

Here is Humanimals on Spotify:


Lordi – Humanimals – My View

That’s for sure the best Lordiversity album so far. Even the SCG intro is cool. Some songs are great, some songs are good, one or two might be below that line – but the overall sound of Humanimals is just massive.


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