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Noah Levi - Indigo




Indigo by Noah Levi is another publication with talent show background: in young teenage years, Noah Levi became famous by winning a TV talent show. As a young adult, he grew his fan base and regularly did major publications. The EP Indigo has been released on 21st May 2021.


Noah Levi – About The Artist

Noah Levi was born on 14th May 2001 in Berlin. Coached by German Eurovision Song Contest winner Lena Meyer-Landrut, he won the third season of the German version of The Voice Kids in 2015. His winning song was I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. This also lead to his debut single, Love is the hardest drug, which I struggled to find on Spotify. There are regular recordings since 2019, though, which are available on music streaming platformsm starting with the 2019 single Down.  Levi released a seven track EP, Jung & Naiv (“Young and naive”), in 2019. There has also been a twelve track release in 2020 called Zwischen den Zeilen. However, any song on this release has been on the album twice, a standard and an instrumental version each.


Noah Levi – Indigo – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. Was Helden tun

Ich wär so gern ein Held, doch nein, das bin ich nicht
Jemand, der ohne Angst und unverwundbar ist
Ich gesteh mir meine Wunden und die Schwächen ein
Wieso fühl ich mich immer noch so allein?

(“I would love to be a hero that much – but I am not
Somebody, who is invulnerable without anger
I accept my wounds and my weaknesses
Why do I still feel that alone”)

The opening track of the EP is a straight pop song with good lyrics, quite catchy. The former The Voice Kids winner starts the collection with a promising track, indeed.

2. Kein Geld

The second song nicely connects to the opener: a straight, well produced pop track with a present rhythm and a catchy groove. Fans know these first two ones anyway, as the tracks have been released as singles beforehand.

3. Dior

At Dior, the song keeps the nice groove of the predecessor, but is a much slower song. Du brauchst kein Kleid von Dior – “You don’t need a Dior dress”. Nice romantic, which is my favorite song on the EP. Good songwriting.

4. Wann kommst du wieder

The fourth track is only 2:09 minutes long. Wann kommst Du wieder cannot really impress me. It well recorded, the chorus is nice, but there are not too many catching elements. But right when you start getting into the song and Noah Levi is creating this catching, groovy vibe, the song is already over.

5. 1000X

If you look at the target audience of this music – a rather younger generation, I feel Noah Levi and his team did a really good job – this song (meaning “A thousand times”) is another catchy song with mainstream radio airplay potential. Good vocal performance as well – 1000X lacks a bit in being different to some of the other songs on the EP.

6. Herzlos

Lovely to have a very different song at the end. Noah Levi underlines his vocal quality with a piano ballad. Good to have this well-produced different flavor on the EP.


Noah Levi – Indigo – Spotify

Here is Indigo on Spotify:


Noah Levi – Indigo – My View

I feel it is amazing to see how well an artist did the transformation from the “teenagers show” in TV to the “adult world”. This also illustrates how good the quality of the The Voice Kids candidates in fact is. Noah Levi does a really good job. There is a certain core style of songs, but especially Dior and Herzlos give very different flavor and lead to really nice variety of tracks. Well done pop EP!


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