Der Sonne zu Nah – Schwerkraft

Der Sonne zu Nah - Schwerkraft



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very signature sound with influece from several genres
  • Overll, entertaining album

The name of the German band Der Sonne zu Nah roughly translates to “Too close to the sun”. In fact, this poprock project is just about to aim for the stars, as their debut album has been released on 18th March 2022. Here is my view about Schwerkraft (“Gravity”).


Der Sonne zu Nah – About The Artists

Der Sonne zu nah is a band from Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2018, they are lead by Sophia Hinrichs on the microphone. Jonas Keller is the drummer of the band. The two other members, Oli Saul and Milan Lange, rotate between keyboard, guitar, bass and vocals, which leads to a nice versatility. They have a metalcore background, but add a lot of pop elements to their music.


Der Sonne zu Nah – Schwerkraft – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Intro

34 seconds of industrial sounds and sirens to open for the travel into musical gravity. Not much more to say about.

2. Flammen

Another one of these “this is the first time I fully listened to this artist’s music” review. Der Sonne der Nah give me a good feeling from the very first moment. Powerful, rocking guitar sounds paired with keyboard / synth sounds. Sophia Hinrichs on the vocal is having such a signature sound and presence on top of that – simply love that listen – even though the lyrics are rather on the simple side.

3. Trotzdem bleiben wir

The third song is named Trotzdem bleiben wir (“Nonetheless, we are staying”). The track spreads a joy of playing music. The ingredients of the Der Sonne zu Nah sound feel simple, but they just work well. Cool one, which is also highly profiting from the vocal collaboration of the two ladies.

4. 1000 Meilen

The guitars feel to keep back at the beginning of 1000 Meilen (“1000 Miles”). This leads to a touch of German pop. However, the chorus is resolving all doubt – this is rock. Even though this one has a strong touch of synth pop as well.

5. Nimm mir die Angst

Nimm mir die Angst vor der Nacht
Nimm mich mit in Dein Paradies
(zeig mir was Leben heißt)
Nimm mir die Angst vor der Nacht
Nimm mir Dein Himmelreich
Zeig mir was Liebe heißt.

(“Take my fear of the night
Take me with you in your paradise
– show me what love means –
Take my fear for the night
Take me to your kingdom of heaven
Show me what love is”)

The song is a powerful rock song with a lot of emotions. One of the most impressive listens of the album to me.

6. Du liebst mich nicht

I did in fact write this review on board a plane to New York during my Pittsburgh Penguins March 2022 trip. I am sure that I dazzled a few people, when the band made me smile and move to the music with that. German hip hop, a cover of the famous track originally performed by Sabrina Setlur. Cool sound – and the additional rock music bedding in the chorus is really adding value. Love this one.

7. Hypnotisiert

The seventh track has a powerful, quickly stomping opening, the verses are rather slow. The chorus is then going back to rock power. I love the atmospheric verses, which have been arranged with a lot of echo. Nice.

8. Karma (2021)

The updated version of the song Karma feels to be a great fit to the Schwerkraft album. Nice, same blend of rock end electronic sounds. Good listen.

9. Halte durch

Halte durch, auch wenn es Dich zerreicht – “Keep up, even if it rips you apart” – comes with a very nice characteristic melody, especially as the bass is having a really nice presence in this one. Good listen.

10. Unter meiner Haut (2021)

Unter meiner Haut is the second updated version presented on Der Sonne zu Nah’s 2022 album. A song, which has been written about a dead-born child. Du bist lebendig, ich spüre Dich ständig – “You are alive, I feel you all the time”. Very personal, but also a bit of creepy to me.

11. Deja Vu

The eleventh song is about dark forces, demons, drug abuse. Great, picturesque way of describing feelings – and desperation.

12. Schwerkraft

The 2:46 minute title track is closing the album. The song majorly connects to the Du liebst mich nicht cover to me – especially as it comes with a major proportion of hip hop sounds.


Der Sonne zu Nah – Schwerkraft – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Schwerkraft:


Der Sonne zu Nah – Schwerkraft – My View

I absolutely like the Schwerkraft album. The band is combining different sounds in and influences in a signature way. A touch of synth, a big bunch of rock and even some pop and hip hop elements. And really nice songs. Good one.


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