Kiddo Kat – Piece of Cake (Album Review)

Kiddo Kat - Piece of Cake



4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice pop and hip-hop blend
  • Very catchy songs
  • Versatile

Kiddo Kat already a viral hit on Youtube in 2016. Now, Anna Guder produced her first album “Piece of Cake” and had a tour through Germany. A quite interesting mix of pop, hip pop, dance and even reggae – some very interesting and sympathic ingredients for an interesting album.


Kiddo Kat – About The Artist

Anna Guder is 27 year-old girl, born in Berlin, living in Hamburg. The city which gave her a breakthough is Frankfurt, however: A video of her and  Heidi Joubert, got really viral on Youtube: over 2.6 million people watched this amazing jam session.

After that, you did not hear too much about her and her music. It took her about two years to produce “Piece of Cake”. Kiddo Kat did that without any assistance of record label, it is a full self produce. Finally, seeing her live with her band in Cologne made me buy the album after the show and review it with Unfortunately, I did not take a camera with me for her show – it has just been an amazing experience with Anna partially playing fully unplugged sitting in the middle of the spectators. She’s got a great touch for dealing with the audience, which reminded me a lot of Catherine McGrath. If Kiddo Kat is in town, I can absolutely recommend to watch her show.

Piece of Cake – Track by Track

“Piece of Cake” shows quite a variety of songs, so it is really worth to review it song by song.

1. Behave

The first words of the album are “I don’t wanna do that” – not a too good start of a record? I feel this song fits perfectly to the Cologne concert experience I had. It’s a great track to dance to, even quite reggae-alike, and showing a lot of Kiddo-Kat’s sunshine. Love it

2. In the Air

“In the Air” is definitely a nice dance track as well – but though you feel like swaying and clapping during it, it is much more of dance-pop than “Behave”. The rhythm just gets you, though.

3. Million Miles

“Million Miles” is the first single of the “Piece of Cake” album. Anna’s very high voice stating “You gotta give me some more” at the beginning of the chorus is just catching. It is a dance track as well, but also has some slower parts, so it even has a touch of lounge music to me. Nevertheless, a wise choice – you will definitely remember this single.

4. Burning Bridges

That’s pop music, baby! Slower than the first three tracks (nearly ballad-alike), but very catching. The chorus shows how versatile Kiddo Kat and her band can perform.

5. Growing Under Pressure

“Just like a feather shooting to the sky in storming weather and growing under pressure” – quite a metaphoric language used in this track, which has a strong hip-hop touch. Thus, I do have other favorite “Piece(s) of Cake” on this record, but it is definitely a well-done track.

6. Boomerang

“Boomerang” was one of the highlights of the Cologne concert as the “Eo eo” vocals can that lovely be done by the audience. On “Piece of Cake”, the studio version is a bit too defensive to me. It feels like a ballad (in fact, it is a nice love song).

7. Just Kidding

If you haven’t felt the hip-hop in “Piece of Cake” so far, Kiddo Kat is making sure you do now. I am not too much fond of hip-hop, but I loved the song live on stage and I am swaying when I listen to it on the album. So it must be quite good 🙂

8. Settle Down

This is another surprising track. “Settle Down” is a nice dance number, which even has a strong blend of swing music in its soul. I love to follow Anna’s voice in this one!

9. You need to know that

A slow track with a nice chorus. It’s a bit of a hidden gem. I liked the song after listening to it a couple of times – but you may easily miss it the first time.

10. Drunk on Life

“Drunk on Life” caught me again from the very beginning. Kiddo Kat’s vocals are put on a lovely musical cushion leading to a soft, but powerful finale.

11. You need to know that (Acoustic Solo)
12. Muted (Acoustic Solo)

The album concludes with two acoustic tracks. “You need to know that” in that pure interpretation feels much more intense to me. I also enjoy to be able to concentrate more on the vocals. “Muted” is a solo with electric guitar, though you might expect something different as “acoustic solo”. Again, it gives a great focus on the vocals, though the guitar background is quite rock-alike. Though being so fragile, this song has a lot of power. Nice way to end the album. The video below is not the album version:

Kiddo Kat – Piece of Cake – My View

I am still flashed from the amazing and sympathic concert performance of Kiddo Kat and her band – and I just have to admit I love her album. This is not my favourite genre of music at all, but it is just too good not to like it. Kiddo Kat is so charismatic and a strong musician, the songs are really well produced. You will definitely find songs you like on this record. Thus, I feel you should go for it! Top Pick!


Kiddo Kat – Piece of Cake – How to buy

Here are the links to buy the album on Amazon Germany (mp3 and CD)

MP3 Download


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