Uli Sailor – Für immer jung EP

Uli Sailor - Für immer jung



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very unique way of punk rock
  • Great, on point lyrics
  • Very entertaining

Which genre are you thinking about when the arrangement solely consists of a piano, a cello and a vocalist? If you think about German punk rock, you should either really call a doctor – or you know the unique music by Uli Sailor. I ran into his EP Für immer jung (“Forever young”) and just had to share this very special crossover with you. Release date of the EP has been 1st March 2024.


Uli Sailor – About The Artist

Uli Sailor (not his civil name) was born in 1977 in Aachen. He is nowadays living in Berlin. His musical career, however, kicked off in his home region. For example, he was lead singer of the band D-Sailors, which was active from 1993 to 2010 and released seven studio albums. He has also been part of the punk band Terrorgruppe (2013-2022, as Eros Razorblade) and is still the lead singer of the indie-rock band Tusq. Under the artist name, he already released two EPs, Punkrock Piano (2022) and Punkrock Piano (2023), which contain cover versions.


Uli Sailor – Für immer jung – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Live Fast Die Punk

The opening song, also contains the phrase Für immer jung and thus is something like the title track of the EP as well. The song is comparing the youth dreams and thoughts about life in early years – and the reality nowadays. The song is a punk song in its heart, but feels very pop-alike due to the unique instrument choice. Great listen.

Für immer jung
Haben wir gesagt
Doch heute weiss ich
Das war Quark
Für immer Punk
Haben wie geschworen
Doch auf dem Weg
Hab ich Euch verloren
Unsere Jugend hängt als Poster an der Wand
Und darauf steht
‘Life Fast Die Punk
(“Forever young
is what we said
But today I know
that was rubbish
Forever punk
That’s what we#ve sworn
But I lost you
On the way
Our youth is hanging as a poster on the wall
And it states
‘Life Fast Die Punk'”)
2. Nein To 5

The wordplay of this title can roughly be translated as “No to Five”. This song has a clear punk spirit as it is struggles with all the senseless stuff you are wasting your lifetime with. In this track the cellos really have a touch of strumming guitars. Cool arrangement, indeed.

3. Seniorpunk

While the opener looked at the dreams of a punk from a young person’s perspective, Uli Sailor is taking the role of a “senior punk” in here. The cello leads to a rather melancholic listen. Nonetheless, the song does have some punk-alike energy, especially in the lyrics and vocal side.

4. Rock ist tot

The fourth song of the EP states that “Rock (music) is dead”. The song starts with the concert from a band’s perspective – but leider keiner da, war ja klar (“unfortunately, nobody there – this was clear”). Later, the song states aber die Idee war gut – “but the ideas was a good one”. For a short solo, Uli Sailor is also playing the electric guitar. Cool song.

5. Grunge Revival

The fifth track is honoring the big style of rock music of the 1990’s. Uli Sailor is dreaming of a Grunge Revival. Will it happen with a cello and a piano? No idea – but the song is really a cool listen.

6. Live Fast Die Punk (Radio Edit)

The album closes with the radio edit of the opening / title track. If you don’t look at the timer of your playlist, you won’t likely be able to identify the ten second shorter chucker out.


Uli Sailor – Für immer jung – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Uli Sailor – Für immer jung – Track by Track

Uli Sailor is making me smile. Für immer jung is a cool set of five original songs (with one being in two version). Punk rock is working without a drummer, without guitars and without being loud and aggressive. You just need to ask Uli Sailor.

Favorite Song: Rock ist tot


Uli Sailor – Für Immer Jung Tour 2024

Just briefly after the EP release, Uli Sailor is touring Germany.

Tu 12.03.2024 Hanover – TAK Theater
We 13.03.2024 Oberhausen – Druckluft
Th 14.03.2024 Jülich – KUBA
Fr 15.03.2024 Hamburg – Nochtwache
Sa 16.03.2024 Bremen – KITO
Mo 18.03.2024 Karlsruhe – Cafe NUN
Tu 19.03.2024 Wiesbaden – Kreativ Fabrik
We 20.03.2024 Nuremberg – Roter Salon @ Z-Bau
Th 21.03.2024 Stuttgart – Goldmarks
Fr 22.03.2024 Jena – Rosenkeller
Sa 23.03.2924 Berlin – Badehaus
Sa 01.06.2024 Visbeck – Visbeck Rockt Festival


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