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The Steel Woods



4.8/5 Pros

  • Very good Southern rock album
  • Powerful, very fluent listen

The Steel Woods are back! Some two years after their lovely album All Of Your Stories, they release a new set of ten tracks on 6th October 2023. I had the opportunity to listen to the album beforehand. Here is my review.


The Steel Woods – About The Artists

The Steel Woods are a country and Southern rock band, which have been founded in 2016 in Nashville. All Of Your Stories has been released just after founding member and guitarist Jason Rowdy Cope died due to diabetes irregularities. Tyler Powers is now taking over the guitar duties, singer and multi-instrumentalist Wes Bayliss is leading the band. The other members of the band are bassist Johnny Stanton and drummer Isaac Senty.


The Steel Woods – On Your Time – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 56 minutes.

1. The Man From Everywhere

The Man From Everywhere has been one of the featured single of the album. A rather straight choice, I believe. The song is right in the comfort zone for the fans of the band. It comes with a nice blending of country, rock and a touch of blues.

2. Cut the Grass

According to the press kit, Bayliss was inspired by his four children when he wrote On the Gram. He also states that having kids naturally changes the way you are writing. The song is rather slow and comes with significantly stronger blues influences. Really good listen.

3. Devil in This Holler

The thitd song starts with a cool, laid-back vibe. However, with the chorus latest, the guitars are also heading back to their rocking heart. That’s a vibe just made for outlaw stories.

4. Famine Fortune

Famine Fortune feels like a classic story told in modern times. The press kit even calls it a contemporary retelling of the Adam and Eve story. I would not go that far, but it is a relatable story, which almost feels stereotypical. The melodic part is amazing.

5. On Your Own Time

The title track comes back with the being parents topic. The song is like a letter a father is writing to his son with all the good wishes he has for him. The Steel Woods put this topic into an amazing ballad-type atmosphere. Superb listen.

6. You Don’t Even Know Who I Am

The next two tracks of the album are remarkable as they are covers. The first of them, You Don’t Even Know Who I Am, is a Gretchen Peters original. Especially after the title track, this intense, slow ballad track is a great match. Superb listen.

7. Border Lord

Border Lord is a Kris Kristofferson original. The rather epic seven minute song has a very dramatic style. The song has such an intense groove but is still very melodic. Cool one.

8. Stories to Tell to Myself

This song has been written in 2018 already and thus has been the the starting point of the On Your Time album. The song is a dramatic song with a country ballad. Nonetheless, the style of the song feels rather unusual compared to the other tracks on the album. This definitely turns this eighth track into a very special experience.

9. Broken Down Dam

This song starts rather slow and thoughtful, but get more and more energy over the six minutes of playtime. It is full of lovely elements, like an impressing guitar solo. If I am not wrong, the song is the only one which is not explicitly mentioned in the press kit. Broken Down Dam definitely does not deserve that.

10. If Not for the Rain

One, two, three, one, two, three… It is time to waltz farewell this album. The song is a beautiful emotional highlight with its strumming guitars and the almost bored drumming, which still beautifully suits the style of the song. Great one.


The Steel Woods – On Your Time – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Steel Woods – On Your Time – My View

Wow, that’s a great one! The Steel Woods manage to present ten great track without presenting an obviously weak spot in their composition. Even if you haven’t been a fan of the band yet, this one might be the right moment to give these guys a deep listen.

Favorite Song: You Don’t Even Know Who I Am


The Steel Woods on European Tour 2024

In September 2024, The Steel Woods will support Blackberry Smoke on their European Tour. I feel that these shows could be a lot of fun!

Mo 09.09.2024 Glasgow (United Kingdom) – O2 Academy
Tu 10.09.2024 Edinburgh – O2 Academy
Th 12.09.2024 Manchester – O2 Apollo
Fr 13.09.2024 Birmingham – O2 Academy
Sa 14.09.2024 London – Eventim Apollo
Mo 16.09.2024 Brussels (Belgium) – Ancienne Belgique
Tu 17.09.2024 Tilburg (Netherlands) – O13
We 18.09.2024 Hanover (Germany) – Capitol
Fr 20.09.2024 Copenhagen (Denmark) – VEGA
Sa 21.09.2024 Oslo (Norway) – Sentrum Scene
Su 22.09.2024 Stockholm (Sweden) – Annexet
Tu 24.09.2024 Berlin (Germany) – Columbiahalle
We 25.09.2024 Vienna (Austria) – Gasometer
Th 26.09.2024 Munich (Germany) – Tonhalle
Sa 28.09.2024 Paris (France) – L’Olympia
Su 29.09.2024 Cologne (Germany) – E-Werk
Mo 30.09.2024 Zurich (Switzerland) – Kaufleuten
We 02.10.2024 Milan (Italy) – Alcatraz




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