Songs Of The Week (week of 11 March 2022)

Not really sure whether it is my March 2022 trip with the Pittsburgh Penguins or other influences, but this time, there are quite some dance pop tracks on the list of my Songs of the Week. The list of songs is this time lead by Scandinavian artists: Emma Steinbakken is an 18-year old Norwegian artist, while The Boppers are from Sweden.


Emma Steinbakken – This One’s On Me

Already her debut single Not Gonna Cry became a platinum record in Norway – since then the teenager feels to grow really big in her home country. No doubt: this new single is also a really lovely piece of pop music.


The Boppers – Callous Rain

Rock’n’roll from Sweden: The Boppers have been active since 1977. And they are still active. They are even still great. Don’t believe so? Listen to this song!


Michael Moravek – Who To Love

This song is based on the biographic notes of Julius Fucik. The Nazi Gestapo have arrested him in Prague and finally murdered in Plötzensee. Is there any better fit to the current aggressive war on the Ukraine?


Lazaar – A Million Stars

A million stars when I look into your eyes
I see rainbows in the sky
You can make me feel alive
A million stars
Like a fire in the night
You are always on my mind
And I need you in my life
A million stars

Lazaar is an artist from Greater Stuttgart, Germany. And he did a wonderful ballad. No more words needed.


Avi Kaplan – I Can’t Lie

There is a touch of country music in this tune. Not too surprisingly, as Shooter Jennings is the producer of this Americana pop track. Lovely atmosphere.


Dr. Umwuchts Tanzpalast – Laufen Lernen

Dr. Umwuchts Tanzpalast are a band from Bamberg, who do jazz punk. Or just: cool music. I received this song from the band and had to share it with you. Album to be released soon as well.


Baba Shrimps – Rolling Stone

A funny band name and a happy sound: Baba Shrimps are a band from Zurich, Switzerland – and their new single Rolling Stone is indeed a very unique listen. The song is rather international: it has been written in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Jenny Berkel – Kaleidoscope

I don’t have too many German artist in my list this time. The name Jenny Berkel might sound German, but the artist is in fact Canadian. Beautiful melancholic sound, which is a promising appetizer for her 13th May 2022 album release.


Joel Sarakula – Sun Goes Down

Okay, that’s disco sound! I just loved these tunes from Australian pop artist Joel Sarakula. Some Saturday Night Fever feeling for you this week as well?


Flogging Molly – These Times Have Got Me Drinking / Tripping Up The Stairs

Flogging Molly are doing Celtic Punk – and their style is just a lot of fun. Even I feel about having a pint and dancing wild when I listen to their tunes. These guys almost made it to the leading song of the week this time – great sound.


Alissic – Superstitious

Alissic has Brazilian background, but is nowadays living in Sheffield. There is a nice touch of South American sounds in her songs, which leads to a signature style. Cool listen.


Armin van Buuren & R3HAB feat. Simon Ward – Love We Lost

As said in the introduction, there is a lot of dance pop on my list. Love We Lost is a nice track by star DJ Armin van Buuren and his collaborators. Enjoy the dance!


Duvall feat. Sam Gray – Good Feeling

I just had a Good Feeling when listening to this one. Feels that I just had to go for this word play. But the music is really good and makes me smile.


HUTS – Kill My Lonely

Another pop track from the Netherlands. The song is a bit of European mainstream – and some parts feel as if you heard them in other tracks already… But: they are just good. I enjoy the listen.


Smash Into Pieces – Vanguard

Scandinavia is quite represented as well: Vanguard is a lovely modern rocker. The band is originally from Örebro, Sweden.


Portlux – Shadows

Home sweet home: Portlux is a rock band from Cologne, Germany. But even if they were from rival city Dusseldorf – this song deserves a mention.


Schandmaul – Knüppel aus dem Sack

I decided that the German Medieval Metal band Schandmaul is closing the list of songs with their powerful Knüppel aus dem Sack (which relates to the Cudgel in the Sack fairy tale). Cool sound. Love these guys.


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