Songs Of The Week (week of 3rd May 2024)

There is a lot of traveling around during the next weeks. Unfortunately, I could not cover some concerts, which I had on my fixed list already. This weekend, my Songs of the Week release radar is very pop-ish – not only the leading track has dancing vibes.


The Kolors – Karma

Okay, I have to admit: I have a crush in this band, which has been founded in Naples in 2009. During the last two years, the synth-poprock band gave me amazing hits like Cabriolet PanoramaItalodisco or Un ragazzo una ragazza. Now, the Italians released their new track, Karma – and make it to the top of my list.


SDP, Sido & Esther Graf – Mama hat gesagt

SDP is a German band, which is regularly selling out major venues in Germany and adjacent countries. This time, they cooperate with rapper Sido and Austrian singer Esther Graf. The product is an lovely, groovy German pop track.


SERA – Hurt Me

One of my favorite releases this week is definitely Hurt Me by the Dutch artist SERA. She grew over social media and is nowadays a major Dutch artist. Her most popular song on Spotify, Head Held High comes with almost 33 million streams on the platform. Her new song comes with quite some potential to add a couple of million ones to her stats.


Silke Vogt – Dunkle Wolken

The German schlager and pop artist from the Black Forest region is regular releasing music after she published her most recent album, a self-titled release in 2022. I would describe this song as a slow schlager one with a pop attitude. I like it.


Michelle – So oder so

So oder so is the new song by one of Germany’s schlager icons and former Eurovision Song Contest perormer. The song has a typical Michelle character – thus I am quite sure that her fans will appreciate the track.


Jan Böckmann – Aufstehn

In September 202, Jan Böckmann released his first single. He got fame by participating at Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German version of American Idol. He is originally from Cloppenburg in Northern Germany.


Martin Stoemmer – Keine ist wie Du

The chorus of Keine ist wie Du (“Nobody is like you”) rather reminds of schlager, but there is also a strong pop music character in this release by Matin Stoemmer. The artist is coming from Bavaria in Southern Germany.


86TVs – Tambournine

The British alternative rockers 86TVs are currently doing the last steps towards their debut album. In their home country, they already had a bunch of really successful gigs. I feel that the band’s new song Tambourine could also become a fan favorite.


Deep Purple – Portable Door

Originally under the band name Roundabout, Deep Purple are active since 1967. The hard rock legends from London still release music – and they even do release really good songs. Like their this week’s release Portable Door. Great Britain definitely does better music than food, I believe.


Erik Cohen – Stadion

The UEFA Euro 2024 (European Soccer Championships) will likely inspire a lot of artists to write specific songs. Erik Cohen shared his new song Stadion (“Stadium”) this week. The song praises amateur soccer as well as the stadium atmosphere. Erik Cohen is a pseudonym for Daniel Geiger, the singer of the German hardcore punk band Smoke Blow. He is originally from Kiel in Northern Germany. Four of his five solo album releases so far made it into the German album charts. This one is a great stadium anthem.


Saxofrogo & Caro – Innerlight

Funky Motown-stlye vibes with a cool touch of pop – the Austrian-German collaboration Saxofrogo & Caro is definitely creating a very interesting sound. I absolutely liked this groovy one.


Ider – Girl

The British artists Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville form the duo Ider. They already had a big hit in 2019, when they released You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby. I like the cool, alternative vibes of their new song Girl.


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