Six by Six – Beyond Shadowland

Six by Six - Beyond Shadowland



5.0/5 Pros

  • Great progressive rock trio
  • Very versatile and virtuous song
  • Very entertaining and diverse album

Beyond Shadowland is the second album by the trio Six by Six. Their very prominent line-up gave quite some focus to the band from the very beginning. After their debut album got quite good reviews, I was really curious about listening to this 26th April 2024 release.


Six by Six – About The Artists

Six by Six is an international progressive rock trio. The most prominent band member is likely the Canadian Ian Crichton. He founded the band Saga in Toronto in 1977. British drummer Nigel Glockler, however, is a long-time responsible for the rhythm of Saxon. Last, but not least, there is US-American Robert Berry, who is singer and producer, who was part of the bands Hush and Three. In 2022, Six by Six released a self-titled debut album.


Six by Six – Beyond Shadowland – Track by Track

The eleven track album has a duration of 55 minutes.

1. Wren

Wren is taking the burdon (or honor) to open for Beyond Shadowland. The song is a treat for progressive rock fans. The virtuous guitar style by Ian Crichton works perfectly together with the clear and catching vocals by Robert Berry. Great opener, which leads to a lot of confidence to the band’s sophomore release right at the beginning.

2. The Arms of a Word

The second track is one of three songs, which have been shared by Six by Six already before album release. The Arms of a Word is harder and rougher, compared to Wren. This also leads on an increased focus on Nigel Glockler on the rhythmic side. Six by Six sound much wider than “just” a trio in here. Overall, the song is very versatile and gives any band member the chance to underline his individual skills.

3. Can’t Live Like This

Robert Berry shouts out Can’t live like this right at the beginning, followed by hard riffs. In the third song, Six by Six work a lot with electronic sounds and drum sections. However, the song is also very melodic, which leads to a very entertaining plot. Nonetheless, the song feels very fluent – the different sections nicely fade from one to another.

4. Obiliex

The fourth track is Obiliex, another of the three single releases of Beyond Shadowland so far. Ian Crichton is playing the guitar in rather high notes – it sometimes feels like a harpsichord. This also leads to a touch of folk music – without losing the character of a progressive rock. Especially the bridge leaves no doubt that Six by Six is an excellent rock trio.

5. Only You Can Decide

With less than three minutes, Only You Can Decide is by far the shortest song of the album. The high note strumming on the guitar continues. As the drums are not present in there and therefor, violin sounds occur in the background, this leads to a very strong focus on the guitar melodies and the scattered vocals. A very special and lovely episode of the album.

6. Titans

After this rather quiet and fine moment, Titans feels massive. Bassy grooves and present rhythm are driving this song, which is marching down its five minute duration. The sound feels threatening and thus presents a very different style on the album again. It definitely stays in your mind, way after listening to it. Great one.

7. Outside Looking In

The seventh song start with a strong atmospheric section. The drumming reminds of world music. However, after that instrumental intro, the focus is back on Robert Berry. Can you help me understand what it looks like from the outside looking in? is the catch phrase of the chorus. The song has a lovely dramatic, almost theatric touch. Overall, Six by Six present another really enjoyable listen.

8. Spectre

Spectre is a song which lives from its versatile style. The first part presents some really full riffs, but the song later is a comparably fine one with nice melodic elements. In these four minutes, you feel the masterful talent of the trio in a comparably short time each and every moment.

9. Sympathise

Nigel Glockler is taking the lead and drives the speed of Sympathise. However, this wouldn’t be Six by Six, if the Ian Crichton and Robert Berry wouldn’t have their share as well. In later parts of the ninth song, the band is again using some synth elements.

10. One Step

A look into the track list already suggests that One Step is a special song on this album. The eight minute epic opens in a fine rock ballad track, but there are also some nice rocking elements in it. Thus, you shouldn’t be too romantic, but rather enjoy the lovely narrative of it. Lovely work.

11. The Mission

The guitars lead the listener into the chucker-out The Mission. However, there are not only heavy riffs, but fine melodies in the song, which again have a touch of folk. All three musicians take their part in this joyful song, which is another treat for progressive rock fans.


Six by Six – Beyond Shadowland – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Six by Six – Beyond Shadowland – My View

Oh damn, this is definitely a great release. I loved Beyond Shadowland from the very beginning to the very end. The versatile and virtuous style of the song, the great plots and the intense atmosphere turn this one to one of my favorite albums of 2024 so far. I just cannot deduct anything when rating this album. You should absolutely give it a try!

Favorite Song: Titans


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