Dominik Klein – Reflections EP

Dominik Klein - Reflections



3.5/5 Pros

  • The EP demonstrates a lot of talent
  • Some really good songs Cons

  • No constant quality

Over 560,000 follower on Facebook and some 90k subscribers of his YouTube channel – you just cannot say that Dominik Klein is starting from scratch when he is releasing his debut EP Reflections on 2nd July 2021. I really enjoyed what I heard when I checked out these seven tracks – no doubt I had to share my thoughts with you.


Dominik Klein – About The Artist

Dominik Klein was born on 18th November 1996 in Hamburg. He early learned to play the guitar and keyboard and started singing. At the age of 13 already, he started to publish some covers on YouTube. His social media story feels to be pure success: his second video is already his most successful so far. Klein’s version of Babe by Justin Bieber has been streamed over 700k times on the video platform only. Nowadays, Klein is also active on platforms like TikTok.


Dominik Klein – Reflections – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 20 minutes. In fact, the EP contains five different songs. Two songs are additionally set at the end of the EP in live acoustic session versions.

1. Shine A Light

Whenever I run into artists like Dominik Klein, who have so many followers but I don’t know any of their music, I feel a bit of ashamed. Shine A Light is thus my first contact with his music – and it is really cool stuff. Very straight, well-produced and catchy pop music. More a good feeling, a good listen than a track for the dancefloor. I don’t like that short tracks too much (2:22 minutes), but he does it really well.

2. More To Life

More To Life is likely the right track to convince people of Klein’s music. Especially the chorus with the nice clapping rhythm is really catchy and just feels to force to make you move. Very modern radio track, which is still coming with its very own character.

3. Sweet Thing

One for the good feeling, one to make you move – what is missing? Right, a song for the heart. Sweet Thing is just right to give you some warmer emotions and the touch of love. The track feels a bit too much like a boy band song to me – which is especially bothering me as Dominik Klein is obviously singing on his own in this one. This track is – by far – the weakest song of the first three songs.

4. Borders

Funnily, Borders feels to connect much better to the acoustic version of Sweet Thing than the studio version. The track is a piano ballad. You will later see that I struggled a bit with the piano plus vocals thing in the acoustic version of the predecessor track – but Borders is a really great listen. Very good listen.

5. When It’s Over

When It’s Over takes some elements of the previous and creates a somehow easy dance track with When It’s Over. I would prefer one of the first two songs of the EP over this single release – but if this guy has just a few followers more than I do… His selection feels to be more popular with the masses.

6. Sweet Thing (Live Acoustic Session)

After I did not like the studio version of Sweet Thing too much, Overall, I enjoy this acoustic version much more. The piano in the background leads to a much better touch. Unfortunately, there is a downside for me as well: I struggle with the vocal performance, which sometimes feels too hard for, too accentuated to me to suit the gentle touch of this recording.

7. When It’s Over (Live Acoustic Session)

The studio versions closed with When It’s Over – and so does this bonus section of live acoustic versions. This time, Klein is playing guitar in parallel to his vocals. Especially during the beginning of the song, this versions has quite some breaks. Could be a very stripped down version of a modern country track – still, I would prefer the studio recording here.


Dominik Klein – Reflections – Spotify

Here is Reflections on Spotify:


Dominik Klein – Reflections – My View

Reflections is a good EP, but it comes with ups and downs. There are amazing tracks, but there are also songs with a good substance, but a below-average production. Bad luck, as I feel that Dominik Klein deserves better. By this EP, he proofs a lot of musical skills – but the five / seven tracks lack stability. in Hamburg

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