Tanzwut – Silberne Hochzeit

Tanzwut - Silberne Hochzeit



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great unique sound
  • Nice blending of genres
  • Entertaining album

Medieval hard rock, Gothic, dance music? Tanzwut is definitely one of these bands in the German music scene, which are hard to grab by describing their music just with words. The best way to introduce them to you thus seems to be to listen to their music. Like the album Silberne Hochzeit, which has been released on 24th February 2023. Here is my review.


Tanzwut – About the Artists

Tanzwut celebrated their 25th anniversary last year, as they have been founded in 1997 in Berlin. The band partially consisted of members of the Medieval music band Corvus Corax. Tanzwut’s lead singer and bagpipe player Teufel (the artist name translates to “Devil”), for example, has been a member of both bands. The band members all have artist names. Der Zwilling (“Twin”) is the bassist and Rene B. the guitarist of the band. The other band members are Bruder Liebe and Shuman and the shawn players Pyro and Bruder Schlaf. The album Silberne Hochzeit is already the eleventh one of the band. The last release, Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück just missed the German Top 10 album charts when it peaked on the eleventh spot.


Tanzwut – Silberne Hochzeit – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 48 minutes.

1. Labyrinth

The first dance into the Labyrinth starts like an electronic dance track, but then the bagpipe and guitar is taking control of the song. Dark, memorable and with a signature style – Tanzwut open their 2023 album in a promising way.The song has been released at the Labyrinth der Sinne album already, but now have their digital debut.

2. Ihr wolltet Spaß

The bagpipe theme of Labyrinth and Ihr wolltet Spaß don’t differ too much. Luckily, that is the only similarity between these two tracks. The song is a great rock firework in and around the chorus, why the Teufel sounds like a dark narrator in between. Great listen.

3. Meer

The song Meer (“Sea”) adds some folk and sailor’s music touch to the album. A street ballad naval style, by the band from Berlin (where it is almost a two hour drive to the Baltic sea…). Great, catching song with a nice vocal backing.

4. Was soll der Teufel im Paradies

This 4:22 minute song is asking “What shall the devil do in Paradise”. The collaboration of synth sounds and guitars reminds of metalcore sounds, while the verses are performed almost with a hip hop touch. The chorus contrasts to that and feels rather hymnic. I love the contrasts in this listen.

5. Der Wächter

The verses of Der Wächter have a nice groove, before the chorus is taking over the typical bagpipe and guitar sound. Nonetheless, the present drumming leads to slightly pop-ish touch as well.

6. Niemals ohne Dich

Goosebumps! Especially the first minute of Niemals ohne Dich (“Never without you”) has simply such an intense atmosphere. After the threatening touch of the verses, the chorus is rather hymnic again – and guitar riffs as well as synth chords find their way into the track as well. One of the most intense listens of the album.

7. Lügner

The next two songs, Lügner (“Lier”) and Der Arzt (“The Doctor”) have both been released as single before the album. The Teufel is definitely verydevilish in this song. Thus, his vocal performance dominates the song even more than this is the case in other parts of Silberne Hochzeit. Great one.

8. Der Arzt

Tanzwut state Ich bin Dein Arzt (“I am your doctor”) in this track, which has quite some electronic sound presence, but also a bagpipe solo. Thus, the track illustrates the nice range of sounds which are possible in their setup perfectly. I guess it has been a straight and easy selection.

9. Im tiefen Gras

Im tiefen Gras hab ich Dein heißes Blut gespürt (“In the high lawn I felt your hot blood”). This song is not only rather explicit, but also moves towards a blues rock track. Cool additional style on Silberne Hochzeit. The song is definitely one of my favorites.

10. Vulkan

After Im tiefen Gras, this one is another superb song on the album. This time, Tanzwut go for a lot of rock power. This leads to an absolutely fun listen.

Wie ein Vulkan
Der längst schon tot geglaubt
Wie ein Vulkan
Steig ich aus der Tiefe auf
Wie ein Vulkan
Erstrahlt im hellen Glanz
Wie ein Vulkan
Mein ungezähmter Feuertanz

(“Like a volcano
Which has been thought to be dead for a long time
Like a Volcano
I raise from the deep
Like a Volcano
Shining brightly
Like a Volcano
My untamed fire dance”)

11. Dämmerung

The “twilight” is another rather dark track. Very impressible blast of Tanzwut sound – I love it!

12. Nein nein

The title final track of the album simply translates to “No No”. The guys just keep on rocking – and it is a lot of fun to listen to them. Apart from that, this one will be a premium experience when the guys are on tour (at least on their “Rock Shows” – they also do Medieval ones…)


Tanzwut – Silberne Hochzeit – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Tanzwut – Silberne Hochzeit – My View

Wow, these guys are special – but they are also simply a lot of fun. I had a blast at this “Silver Wedding” with Tanzwut… and just hope that they do some more 25 years, so that we can have a golden one in 2048… And many parties in between. Did I say it is a Top Pick!? I am sure you already felt it.


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