Tragedian – Seven Dimensions

Tragedian - Seven Dimensions



4.3/5 Pros

  • Versatile metal album from rock ballads to power metal
  • Very nice sounds and good instruments
  • Some nice guest musicians Cons

  • Sometimes, the vocals come with a strong accent

Even though Tragedian is a Hamburg-based project, their members come from quite some parts of Europe. I got to have pre-access to their new album Seven Dimensions and just had to share it with you. It will be available from 29th January 2021.

Tragedian – About The Artist

Tragedian is a power metal band from Hamburg, Germany. The band has been founded in 2002, but apart from the leader and founder of the band, Gabriele Palermo, there is no more original band member in the lineup. The band name was 7th Hour. Tragedian’s first album was Dreamscape released in 2008. So far, the band released two more albums, Seven Dimensions is their fourth one. The current lineup is Palermo (guitar), Joan Pabon (vocals), Dawid Wieczorek (bass), Nicolo Bernini (drums) and Denis Scheither (keyboard). In addition, the band is sometimes supported by a second drummer, Nico Hauschildt.


Tragedian – Seven Dimensions – Track By Track

Including two bonus tracks, the album consists of 14 tracks. The total playtime is 64 minutes.

1.Rising Rage

Tragedian is a band I did not know anything about before I received their album through a promotion portal. The first tunes, created by the song Rising Rage definitely is a promising start. Hammering drums, good guitar play and a strong vocals by Joan Pabon. Good!

2. Aloneness

Aloneness was one of the singles released before the album. I especially like the guitars in this track, which create a repeating, but not boring and thus very catching melody. In the middle instrumental part, the guys at the string can even show a bit more of their skills – and do that really well.

3. Out Of The Dark

Welcome, look into your your hearts
And stand intact to react
and find a way out of the dark

Sometimes, metal can rather be like noise. Too loud. At least with the first three tracks, Tragedian deliver three beautiful metal songs. They deliver elements you can identify with. And they deliver good music. That all leads to a very good feeling while listening to Seven Dimensions.

4. Darkest Of My Days

Nicolo Bernini has a tough time during the Darkest Of My Days. One of the speediest and hardest songs of the album – the drummer will need a short break after this one, I am sure.

5. Bringer Of Dreams (feat. Wade Black)

Tragedian add a bunch of guest musicians to this album, including Bob Katsionis (who you already know from his Amadeus Street Warrior) or Helloween’s Kai Hansen. For this track, however, they are joined by Wade Black, whom you likely know from Lucian Blaque or Crimson Glory. The result is an epic 5:35 minute song which is a lovely composition of different voices and rock sounds.


6. Crying In The Rain

First of all: no, thing is no cover of the big hit by Norway’s A-Ha. The song is an almost five minute rock ballad, in which the keyboard is the much more dominating instrument compared to the guitars, who dominate most of the remaining album. But they have their showtime towards the end of the song as well.

7. Enlightened

Englightened is rather melodic, the guitars don’t power as much as they do in other tracks of the album. The vocals keep that song in your memory.

8. Forevermore

Forevermore comes with one of the most catching chorus of the album – it thus slightly reminds of big pieces of metal like the songs by Avantasia. One of my favorite tracks.

9. Destiny

Especially after the very good Forevermore, the rather average Destiny feels a bit like the weak spot of the album.

10. Para Siempre (Forever)

Para Siempre is a Spanish version of the 2003 metal classic forever. Tragedian do this job in style and make it a good listen.

11. The Journey

The Journey is a lovely headbanger for the long-haired fans, who don’t want to torment their neck with the fastest speeds. A melodic one. Nice!

12. Forces Of The Light

The regular part of the album closes with the (by far) longest song on the album: Forces Of The Light will accompany you for six and half minutes. A lovely, melodic, not rocking at all anthem. The keyboard is the instrument in here. Beautiful.

13. Crying In The Rain (duet version)

The last two songs are given as bonus tracks. The first one is an alternative version of Crying In The Rain, the sixth track of the album. There are minor differences and I prefer the original version – so I don’t see too much added value in this track.

14. Forces Of The Light (radio edit)

When a radio edit of a song is “just” five minutes long, it must be a song by a rock / metal band. It is a nice cut – but overall, I would recommend to take the full version.


Tragedian – Seven Dimensions – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Seven Dimensions:


Tragedian – Seven Dimensions – My View

Tragedian really got me. I love to listen to their songs and their stories. Seven Dimensions is a strong metal album, which comes with speed metal and power metal elements as well as very melodic songs and even soft ballads. I sometimes struggle with the vocals – the lyrics are just presented with a quite strong accent, which needs some extra concentration to get all the verses. This does not prevent Seven Dimensions to become a Top Pick!



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