Songs Of The Week (week of 10th May 2024)

Despite the World Floorball Championships coverage, I of course want to keep my Songs of the Week updated. Due to the public holiday in Germany, my list of new songs this week is a bit shorter than usual. This time, there is a lot of pop music in it. Hope you nonetheless like this episode.


Myles Smith – Stargazing

My leading song of this week is Stargazing by Myles Smith. The rather new British songwriter located North of London had a massive career recently, including a sold out world-wide club tour. Stargazing feels like this success will not end too soon.


Leon of Athens – Starlight

Leon of Athens is a US-American-Greek artist. In 2017, he already had quite a single hit with Aeroplane. I like his new one – and ain’t the title Starlight fit perfectly to Myles Smith’s top entry?


Tokio Hotel – The Weekend

The German brothers are back. The Weekend is definitely a nice listen, even though it likely does not connect to the band’s biggest hits. Nice work, though.


Jeannette – Ya Habibi

Jeannette is a German-Lebanese pop artist, her songs are in English and Arabic. She is already quite big in the Middle East. This is her new song release. Nice one with a unique touch.


Asdis – Flashback

Asdis (in fact ÁSDÍS is an Icelandic artist, who is nowadays living in Berlin. In January 2024, she released the single Beat Of Your Heart together with Purple Disco Machine. The track has fifteen million streams on Spotify only and was an airplay success. I definitely like her new one as well.


Meduza, OneRepublic & Leony – Fire

Three major acts, including the German artist Leony perform the official song of the UEFA EURO 2024 (European Soccer Championship), which is held in Germany. Let’s see how well Europe is partying to this dance pop song. Interesting Italian-American-German collaboration.


dArtagnan x Melissa Bonny – Herzblut

At least a bit of a rock touch is finally delivered by German folk-rock band dArtagnan. For their new song Herzblut,  they are joining forces with Swiss metal singer Melissa Bonny. I really like it.


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