Peter Schilling – Vis Viva

Peter Schilling - Vis Viva



4.0/5 Pros

  • Peter Schilling's signature music style
  • Some amazing songs like "Mechanik meines Herzens" or "X in meiner Gleichung" Cons

  • A bit of monotonous - if you are not an 1980's buff!

Peter Schilling is a legendary name of the German music business. Major Tom gave him international reputation. So far, Schilling has released eleven studio albums plus two albums translated to English. Some six years after his last album DNA, he is back in the business with a new album, Vis Viva. It has been released on 15th January 2021.


Peter Schilling – About The Artist

Pierre Michael Schilling was born on 28th January 1956 in Stuttgart, Germany. In his childhood years, he was very talented in soccer and even had a contractual offer of Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart. As he in parallel had the opportunity to sign a record deal, he went for the careeer in the music industry. He initially did German Schlager, which have been published under his civil name Pierre Schilling. His music more and more developed towards the Neue Deutsche Welle, for which he was one of the most iconic – and successful artists. His career was boosted by his first albumFehler im System, and especially the 1982 debut single, Major Tom (völlig losgelöst). The song peaked in the charts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. About a year after the release of the German version, he also released Major Tom (Coming Home), which had 22 weeks in the US charts and peaked 14th there.The English version was part of the fully translated Error in the System album.

Peter Schilling regularly released new music, but he was especially successful with new versions of his world hit. The song has also been covered multiple times – you even find one of the version on Ava Max featured the track on Born to the Night, which was a song on the Heaven & Hell album.


Peter Schilling – Vis Viva – Track by Track

The 12 song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Willkommen in der Zukunft

The album starts with a clear message: Willkommen in der Zukunft – “Welcome to the future”.

Ich hör von früher die Musik
und wünsche mich dorthin zurück

(“I listen to the music of former days
and wish to be back there”)

That’s exactly what the song feels like: a signature Peter Schilling sound – which still has a modern touch and does not feel old-fashioned. 1980’s or 2020’s? Peter Schilling feels like an everlasting decade in already in this first song.

2. Helium

Es geht mir gut, ich bin Helium
Alles super, ich bin Helium
Es war nie besser, ich bin Helium
Nichts zieht mich runter

(“I feel good, I am Helium
Everything great, I am Helium
It has never been better, I am Helium
Nothing pulls me down”)

After the first song was already an ice breaker to my heart, the electronic pop sound of Peter Schilling, paired with the so rational and scientific touch lyrics simply makes me smile in the very first minute. Nostalgic. Great.

3. Mechanik meines Herzens

Mechanik meines Herzens (“Mechanics of my Heart”) is one of the key tracks of the album to me – which is also illustrated by the fact that the album finally closes with a remix of it. A very melodic electro-popper, which is just a lot of fun to listen. I am in love with Peter Schilling – as every German was in the 1980’s when he introduced as to Major Tom.

4. Symmetrie

If you feel, Peter Schilling is a pure electronic music artist – Symmetrie (“Symmetry”) is a mind-blowing experience to you. Acoustic guitar sounds in the verse and very vocal-centric, lovely chorus. Symmetrie is not my favorite song on the album, but it is a very cool contrast.

5. Metall

Indeed, Metall (“Metal”) comes with electric sounds, but it finally has even a touch of a rock song. These two songs in a row are definitely a very interesting experience to people, who just know Schilling’s most famous songs.

6. Die Wüste lebt (Version 2020)

I felt a bit sad that a new version of one of Peter Schilling’s classics, Die Wüste lebt (“The desert is alive”), had been selected as the first single for Vis Viva in 2020. The song is well known, of course. The new version feels a bit of slower and down-stripped.

7. 8 Milliarden Astronauten

8 Milliarden Astronauten illustrates our small role in the whole universe. We are just eight million astronauts – and Peter Schilling is stating it to us in his very own style.

8. Alles an dir

The acoustic guitar is not a one-timer in Vis Viva. This song is working with a lot of interesting elements. There is even a children’s choir. One of the most intimate and breathtaking lyrics.

Alles an Dir
bis hin zum kleinsten Element
Ist ein Wunder
das Du hundert Stufen lang erkennst

(“Everything about you
down to the smallest element
Is like a wonder
which you recognize in one hundred steps.”)

9. Hologramm

The ninth song is very melodic, not that rhythmic as other songs. Peter Schilling’s vocal style feels to be one of the strongest Neue Deutsche Welle references on the whole album. Cool one.

10. X in meiner Gleichung

Du bist die X in meiner Gleichung – “You’re the X in my equation”. This song is indeed a love track to make me (who studied maths) really happy. Okay, it’s nerdy. But I really love it!

11. Potential unendlich

A very accentuated song, in which the acoustic guitars nearly spreads a touch of country music. Nice one!

12. Mechanik meines Herzens (Phil TheBeat Remix)

The second version of Mechanik meines Herzens closes the album. A beat / dance mix with distorted voices. I am not too much a remix guy – but I feel this one will be favorable at some club floors once we are back dancing.


Peter Schilling – Vis Viva – Spotify

Here is Vis Viva on Spotify:


Peter Schilling – Vis Viva – My View

No doubt, Vis Viva was the album I have been looking forward to most on that 15th January 2021. I also reviewed it first in my album review night session I do every Friday (even though I might not publish it first) – just too curious. Peter Schilling does a great job in his 2021 album. The album feels like good old times. There are some monotonous parts, but overall, he is just taking you back to the Peter Schilling days… Which now last from the 80’s to 2021 – at least! Thanks for that one!


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