Some Non-Country Christmas Songs 2021

Christmas is approaching really quick now. While I traditionally do a festive edition of my Country Music Picks, I also felt like sharing some non-country music tracks with you this time. Good ones, weird ones – hope you feel entertained. I just scan hundreds of new releases per week – it would be a shame if I wouldn’t share some more music with you… Even if it is just worth to impolitely tell some unwanted guests that you prefer praising Santa C. without them….


Kelly Clarkson – Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You)

To me, it is still strange that the musical Christmas song season somehow starts in mid to late September. In fact, Kelly Clarkson’s song has been released on 23rd September 2021 and was the first one I put on my list for this posting. Even though it is somehow a rather alternative view interpretation about the “Holiday of Love”, it sounds like a festive classic, at least.


Sabaton – Christmas Truce

That’s how Christmas is sounding in Scandinavia… At least if you are a electric guitar lover. Sabaton do their contribution to the Christmas playlists with a lot of power – but still also an emotional touch.


Cisek & Harloff – Lieblingsweihnachtslied

There is a touch of country music in this German song (which translates to “Favorite Christmas Song”). Not too surprisingly, as Andreas Cisek is known as a member of the German country band Truck Stop. His duet mate for this song, however is a bit of surprising: Fabian Harloff is a German actor. However, he is doing not that bad in here.


Blackmore’s Night – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / O Come All Ye Faithful

Blackmore’s Night released this Christmas double song in later October this year. However, the song has been part of their set list for many years. Actually, a lovely recording with a very traditional Christmas sound (with some riffs for the rock lovers). Might be a nice one under your tree as well.


Broilers – Grauer Schnee

The German pop-rock band Broilers released a full holiday album, Santa Claus, in November. The song Grauer Schnee (“Grey Snow”) is rather having an ironic and look on some of the downsides of the holidays. However, they also state Alles ist besser, wenn wir uns sehen – “Everything is better when we see each other”.


Andreas Gabalier – Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

The Austrian traditional folk rocker released three festive songs in early November – and they are actually quite fun to listen. Here is my favorite.


Darren Criss – Christmas Dance

Some Santa pop in this wide selection of x-mas songs. If you need to have a dance after the presents, take you dancing shoes out and party to Darren Criss, who by the way released a full Christmas album this year.


Pentatonix – Frosty The Snowman

Pentatonix released a full Christmas album, Evergreen. For this Christmas classic, they invited Alessia Cara to sing with them. Indeed a very classic holiday song sound.


The Kelly Family – One More Happy Christmas

The legendary Kelly Family released this Christmas song in a very traditional Kelly style right on my birthday. Irish folk Christmas with family power and a bit of rock music touch.


Hardy and Heroes – Noch ein Weihnachtslied

This song translates to “Another Christmas Song”. Yeah, if you had some beer or mulled wine, this is some track you still are able to sing along to… So it may be sensible to have in your playlist.


In Extremo – Weihnachtskater

Christmas, medieval metal style: the German band In Extremo gives a very nice song with an ancient touch. Will grandma bang her head to this song, which is called “Christmas Hangover”?


Maggie Reilly – I Believe In Father Christmas

Maggie Reilly is still somehow “Mrs. Everytime we touch” to me. Her 2021 Christmas album is actually quite nice and has a nice balance between pop and traditional sound. Here is one of her songs from Happy Christmas.


Marie Reim – Oh Santa

Matthias Reim’s daughter is wishing for the man by their side – is it right to ask Santa Claus for that? Might be a rather big delivery… A song between rock, pop and schlager.


Title picture: In Extremo – Weihnachtskarter single cover about Christmas

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