Fuer den Faehrmann – Blutmond EP

Fuer Den Faehrmann - Blutmond



3.5/5 Pros

  • Nice characteristic metalcore sound
  • Good collaboration with Kira Sinister Cons

  • Too monotonous

I always enjoy to listen to bands I haven’t heard of before. One of them is the German band Fuer den Faehrmann, which translates to “To the ferryman”. Their 10th December 2022 released EP is named Blutmond – “Blood Moon”.


Fuer Den Faehrmann – About The Artists

Fuer den Faehrmann is an industrial / doom metal trio from Hamburg. Unfortunately I don’t have too much bio information about them.


Fuer Den Faehrmann – Blutmond – Track by Track

The four song EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Aderlass

The opening song (which translates to “Bloodletting”, by the way) is a very atmospheric four minute track. Could perfectly be used for a slow march-in of sports teams or so. The vocal part is hard to identify and understand – which even leads to a darker and more mysterious setting.

2. Der Letzte Löscht Das Licht

After that four minute “shortie”, Fuer den Faehrmann present three “full length” songs. This implies that Der Letzte Löscht Das Licht (“The last is putting the light out”) is 6:35 minutes. Again, the song is creating a lot of atmosphere and feels to be at full energy after three some minutes. If you don’t like screaming, better don’t listen to this track – all melodic parts are done by instruments.

3. Blutmond (feat. Kira Sinister)

For the title track of the EP, the Hamburg band is supported by a local metal angel, Kira Sinister, singer of Sündenrausch. This gives a lovely contrast between the screaming on the one hand and Sinister high voice on the other. Catching sound.

4. Das Ende

That’s what an EP about: after four songs, we are already at Das Ende – the end. Very powerful work on the key and the guitars in this song. This finale is definitely the most present song to me. Again, the band works with breaks between loud and powerful as well as rather quiet and melodic sections. Nice.


Fuer Den Faehrmann – Blutmond – Spotify

Here is Blutmond on Spotify:


Fuer Den Faehrmann – Blutmond – My View

I have to give in – I really thought a long time about presenting Blutmond or not. First of all, as it is just a four track EP – but majorly, because I just did not get into the songs properly. However, the more I listened to the four track, the more I liked the music. The Hamburg guys are having a magical way to create metalcore atmosphere. The collaboration with Kira Sinister gives a nice alternative sound to the other songs – I would definitely like to have more variation in the tracks.



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