Disconnected – We Are Disconnected

Disconnected - We Are Disconnected



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice range of rock / metal elements
  • Versatile sounds

You are not running in too many French artists on The more, I was glad to receive the promo of We Are Disconnected, the 2022 album of the new metal band from Troyes. Release date is 1st April 2022.


Disconnected – About The Artists

Disconnected have been founded in the departement Grand Est in 2016. The current lineup is Romain Laure (bass), Florian Merindol (lead gutars), Adrian Martinot (guitar), Ivan Pavlakovic (vocals) and Jelly Cardarelli (drums). Cardarelli is the only band member, who is not part of Disconnected from the very beginning – he joined the band in 2018. The same year, the band debuted with their first full-length album, White Colossus. The second major release was the EP The Downtime in 2021. We Are Disconnected is the second album of the band.


Disconnected – We Are Disconnected – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Life Will Always Find its Way

The album starts with the two single releases of We Are DisconnectedLife Will Always Find its Way is a straight-forward track with good lyrics and a nice vocal presence. The band is creating a nice sound, especially around the chorus. Promising opener.

2. King of the World

The second single release of the album is named like nothing but King of the World. Very present work on the drums and with contrasting vocals. The song stays in your mind easily. Nice one.

3. Your Way to Kill

After two harder, rocking tracks, the gentle keyboard sound at the beginning of the track might even feel a bit of confusing. But finally, it is just another proof that rock ballads / power ballads are the best ballads. French metal sounds for the emotional ones.

4. The Only Truth

Not a ballad, but a song without the full metal force is The Only Truth. Nice riffs, good melodies – and the shortest song of the album. The listen lasts less than four minutes.

5. I Fall Again

After four tracks, I am in the Disconnected groove. The French do a nice mix of rather harder metal styles (like shouting elements), but on the other hand also present very nice melodic elements. This song comes with an amazing rhythmic frequency on the drums, again. Enjoyable.

6. That’s How I’ll Face the End

Is that still a ballad? The melody and the lyrics give a bit of romance, but Disconnected just could not turn down their guitars and drums fully during the whole 5:20 minute playtime. Regardless how you classify this song – it is my favorite song of the album.

7. Primal Rage

After the emotional climax, Primal Rage is showing the darker metal soul of Disconnected. A somehow thrilling and intense atmosphere.

8. A World of Futile Pains

For the last song, the band has saved the most epic work. Almost eight minutes of new metal – the song does not get boring at all. A World of Futile Pains nicely illustrates the versatility and range of this project. Good finale!


Disconnected – We Are Disconnected – Spotify

Here is We Are Disconnected on Spotify:


Disconnected – We Are Disconnected – My View

I had a lot of fun listening to We Are Disconnected. I would not rate it with absolute top ranking, but it is an enjoyable listen with good ballads and hard, dark moments. Well done!



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